Conan exiles servers not showing up on ps4

Hi are yous going to sort the issue where the server list are not loading up or if they do ots after 15-20 minutes and when they finally do there at 9999 ping and 40/40 players when there is only 20 players on my server

I’m getting the same issue on PS4… payed £50 for a game and starting to feel a bit robbed to be honest. Not like it’s a cheap game,

Yes still happening to me too and i agree not only i paid 50 dolores for the game but got two of my friends to buy it too !

Looks like the last update did the job! Now loads servers in under 10 seconds, but most of the time my server loads and says it’s at max capacity, but if I wait about 5 mins it refreshes itself to show the correct number of players in room and I can get in!

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