Conan Exiles Unreal Engine Editor

This is to Funcom only, please allow the company to only reply to me.

I’ve recently spoke with a modder about your editor that you made it have limitations. If this is true, please allow us modders to have more control over it so we can help as “volunteers” to achieve greater things for you. It will take the burden off your hands. Please allow US to help you fix the mounts and other stuff that you couldn’t release to the public. Conan Exiles has great potential and we see many things that can happen. We have alot of ideas that we would love to bring into the world.


even on the risk that I’m not the one you’d like to have an answer from…

what kind of limitations are we talking about? examples?

I am guessing deep edits of the games core structure. The kind of stuff that could really fuc* things up, or really fix things.

Really up to Funcom, but I would love it if Funcom drew from the modding world to introduce useful/functional/polished features, if they were to the designers liking.

More content = better. Long as it’s quality.

There’s alot of expose stuff that we can do. I mean what limits are you talking about? The real limits are your imagination and how you want to do things. They are still working hard to improve mod tool to help us better control flow of mods to prevent conflict. Btw this is the wrong place to be asking stuff like theses. Id suggest hoping over to mod discord channel. We can help you try to understand the engine and the limits that it has.

There are absolutely no limitations in the Devkit. You cant edit the sourcecode of Conan Exiles. But I did not want any modder, including me, to create compiled code running on others machines and do crazy “things”.
Blueprints are running in a virtual machine, so there is some kind of “b-u-ll-s-h-I-t-filter” that i really love to have!!! And thats how modding (by Epic) and Steam works.

And there are no limitations except some kinds of access to the DataBase.
You can change, rebuild, reuse or whatever you want.
You want negative gravity at some areas. No problem. You can do it. You want flying islands,… No problem, too… Seamless servertravel… You need a bunch of time, but feel free…
Oh… Mounts? Wtf. You can create mounts. You might think about a combat update. How to firght on mounts. How to fight Mount to ground and vice versa. How to beat down players from mounts. You can do that. There is no limitation, too. You want to ride close to lightspeed without falling through the map. Thats no problem, too. You can set the whole level to be completely loaded by the client. And you can do that all in blueprint, there is no need to have access to the core.
So in my view there is no real reason tho have access to the core. BTW: If you need something really speacial (and its not a completely stupid request) the Devs help, if they can.


I don’t want nobody to screw up the engine.

In the Skyrim Creation Kit, modders have done amazing things since 2011 and Bethesda learned alot from them. I haven’t found anything interesting at the Nexus nor at Steam imo. The Age of Calamitous is a great mod so far.

Are there any websites really dedicated to modding besides Nexus and Steam?

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