If Funcom can't keep pace then let modders have more tools (PVE, RP & PVP)

I don’t think Funcom can really keep developing the game’s features at a decent pace especially if the team is working on stuff like increasing map size.

I think it is time to open up the game to modders more. For example, NPC AI code so that modders can do everything from creating new emotes to AI behavior. (A thrall guard on patrol for example).

Allowing for modders and admins to more easily create adventures for their players. Some ideas
*NPC dialogue
*Chained events
*Branched dialogue
*Admin directed purge type system. Imagine a server admin more like a Dungeon Master.

Look to existing mods for ideas.

So Funcom creates the foundation of the game and allow players to more fully inhabit it. Giving Modders and Admins more control allows to meet the needs of all types of playing styles.

There is a ton of potential but the reality is if Funcom insists on maintaining a lot of control, they won’t be able to adapt quick enough. They still need to expand the game and fix bugs.

Create a GECK like dev/mod kit like from Fallout 4.

Modders can worry about pets. Funcom’s dev team can worry about making the world itself.


i think it’s actually the opposite, 80% of the players i know DO use mods in conan exiles, i think you and me are one of the very few to still play this game in a vanilla way.

Normally i do use mods for such games, but i forbid myself to do so untill a certain point of stability, though i admit i’m on the edge of breaking this rule currently…and that’s simply because there are some balance issues that funcom didn’t manage to correct yet that modders have already done.

That being said i agree with everything written in your post shadoza.

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That is a fair point. I think my concern is about dev time and resources.
There will be stability issues with mods. It will always be an issue. But the main game always wrestles with bugs.

I think for me, opening up the mod system is low expenditure (time and money) and allows more player freedom.

Just no.

Yes! I love many of the mods for this game, it’s just a shame you can’t get all of the ones you want on populated private servers. And like you, I am abstaining from using any mods until the game is in a much more stable and polished state. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later… :pray:

I personally seriously reduced my playing time for 2 reasons:

  • It’s hard to find a private server I can rely on to be there a week later (many have shut down)
  • I made some mods myself to enhance base gameplay and it’s so hard to find people using them I just gave up trying.

Mods are a big deal in this game, IMO. I could play literally any other game and have more fun for longer than the base CE game offers.

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As a server owner what mods do you use or like? I have 3 physical HP Gen 9 servers doing nothing only problem is I’m in Australia. All have 16 core Dual CPU’s 128GB ECC ram and 500GB Enterprize SSD’s in raid.

I do love mods, a lot!
Got Skyrim running with about 600 mods installed and here comes the problem:

I simply stopped playing Skyrim SE due to the fact that Bethesda is messing up the mods after every patch.
Can you blame them? No you cannot because it is their game and they want to maintain it but this means the modders have to keep up with the pace.
There is however the downside that most patches Bethesda introduces are because of their, hmm there is no nice word so just imagine one yourself, Creation Club while there are still 7!!(seven) year old bugs not fixed, but still it is their right.

As long as we do not have a mod-updater for servers we do not have an incentive to go full-mod since server would be down or not joinable most of the time due to outdated mods.

Leaving all to the community is rather unwise.
Referring to Skyrim again, you find anything you like when it comes to mods but it also comes with a cost of intense planning and knowledge about loadorder and incompatabilities etc.

I myself modded Skyrim but not CE (yet) so I do not know how the structure is built.
Judging from existing mod-descriptions a lot is done with data-tables so we already have conflicts today.
There would be a way to overcome this issue, maybe by merging those tables, but this would require more knowledge from the users hence it gets more complicated.

What region you from?
I rented a small server which is located in Germany, running some mods, will last for at least 2 more months.

I’m a bit biased on mods. I have my own simple mods. I also like Pippi, Emberlight, Emberlight Lament and Pythagoras.

My mods don’t actually break, though, they’re too simple.

My link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198818061126/myworkshopfiles/?appid=440900

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