Conan Exiles - Wish List Iron & steel Spikes and Palisade

Greetings and salutations Exiles. This video is a little complicated to articulate in a text paragraph. So it was just easier for me to demonstrate it in a video. I know a lot of people prefer just to read the content. My apologies


i’d support more palisades… i’d also like to see a “palisade wall” that can be snapped over and onto a foundation or wall how the fence foundations can be!


How about palisades which can be attached to walls, that’d be great!


I also wouldn’t mind smoke and acid traps…

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lets one up that and make them “embed” into foundations, ceilings, walls ect!

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I’m going into this under the following assumptions:

  1. Cannot become a ‘MUST HAVE’ option for folks, but a ‘Should have’. Something that can add some teeth to your static defenses without becoming a crippling meta if you don’t unlock this feat or don’t have the time/resources to make enough of them.

  2. Must not be stronger than pre-existing building units of the existing tiers.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to the fun bits of theorizing and debating!

Normal Wooden Palisades (Simple Palisade, Wall Palisade) work just fine as is. I’d like to see the Wooden Spike version be something that can be applied to any player-crafted surface, meaning it would be entirely possible for players to decorate overhangs with Wooden Spikes to make an easier 'Not today, Spiderman!" option for thieves attempting to break into their bases.

That said, let’s get into the Iron Palisades. Iron should have a heftier build-cost, and also require the introduction of Bricks and Stone Consolidant, with a hit-point of 1 and a 1/2 times that of wood to represent the durability of the materials involved.

Additional Rule: Iron Palisades should inflict a small amount of damage each time they are struck in addition to the ‘Spikes!’ debuff that players and NPCs gain when touching or being forced onto such structures suffer.

Variations of the Iron Palisades should be:

  • Iron Wall Palisade. Appearing much as the wooden version, but with iron bars tipped with spikes set into a brick foundation. The foundation itself counts as a normal brick foundation and can be snapped to pre-existing structures to create a more durable defence.

  • Iron Simple Palisade. Appearing much as the wooden version, however has the same foundation as a wedge foundation, allowing for the Simple Iron Palisade to compliment Iron Wall Palisades in defence of a base or to funnel enemies into a bottle-neck.

  • Iron Spike. Functions much like a Wooden Spike, but again, more durable and can be applied to any structure the player/Clan has built, on any side of that structure. If you want them sticking out from the wall, from the roof, from the corner, go nuts.

Then we get to the Steel versions, and here’s where things should get funky:

Additional Rule: Rather than merely giving the player the ‘Spikes!’ debuff where they are losing a small amount of health, The Steel tier of this family will inflict one stack of Bleed upon contact with a target, and for every five seconds of contact, another stack of Bleed shall be inflicted. Striking the Palisade also has a chance to inflict a stack of Bleed.

  • Steel Wall Palisade. Requires Hardened Brick and Stone Consolidant, has two times the health of a Wooden variation and again, like the Iron Palisade, can be snapped to existing foundations. Unlike the Wooden and Iron Wall Palisades, however, Steel Wall Palisades can be snapped ontop of Ramps and Sloping Walls to allow a sturdier form of defence at all angles.

  • Steel Simple Palisade. Requires Hardened Brick and Stone Consolidant, functions exactly like the Steel Wall Palisade and can be used to ‘fill in the gaps’ of a wall of Palisades. Like the Steel Wall, can be snapped to Ramps and Sloping Walls for additional forms of defence.

  • Steel Spike. Requires Hardened Brick and Stone Consolidant, functions exactly like the Iron Spike but applies a stack of bleed when touched by a viable target.


this is good

Wouldn’t it just make more sense to have the metal palisades require iron reinforcements plus iron spikes. Steel would of course require steel spikes and steel reinforcements. (I just figured that iron and steel versions would simply have more HP than the wooden ones…)

The wooden palisades are made with wooden spikes, with the wall ones requiring the addition of twine to be held together…

I suppose we could use silk string for the T2-3 versions… (With us having to make the new iron spikes to craft into the iron palisades…)

I was thinking more along the lines of having the Palisades being able to function as additional building units, hence the Stone Consolidants, but adding Iron/Steel reinforcements to the mix is a good call, since you would ‘need’ something to hold the metal components together, and not just the brickwork at their base.

Good call!

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I still like the idea of Palisades being something that can be placed seperate from structures though without needing something to snap to… (I think what you want is “Wall spikes?”)

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Poison tipped Palisades. That way you can mix a bleed and a poison stack for those that fall into the trap. With that said, traps like the warmaker dungeon. We need those. And need to be able to place rugs over them lol.


The spring traps are subtle enough that they can probably blend in with basic sandstone foundations…

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That is a bloody good idea. Launching pads could be useful both as a defensive measure, since that hurts and having players land on spikes on their way down is a nice one-two combo for reckless Raiders to run head-first into and teach them some caution.

Defensively, I could see using a Launching Pad as an easy way to launch yourself up and cling to a wall or reach an otherwise unreachable landing point in your base. It could form as something like a micro-lift. Stud the ground and walls with spikes, use the launching platform to get up to the ‘unreachable’ area and bam.

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Me I’d use a ramp above a launching pad as a death trap(I’d assume that the ramp could be used to direct the direction they fly when they hit the bottom of it, and have it aimed to shoot them off a cliff… ) People in PvP would learn quick not to walk under ramps that are placed above “Sandstone” foundations… (Especially when the rest of the structure is T3.) Well the same would probably apply to PvE as well.)

I just got the giggles imagining a path up to a sandstone base that is nothing but launching platforms and the carnage such a trap would produce, since you’re generally launched half a foundation forwards on the pre-existing launching platforms, so if you set up a series of them, you’d probably be able to just rag-doll people to death within three or four traps because sheer momentum would see them hit trap after trap after trap before they end up just being bounced to death on the third or fourth trap.

I argue for Iron and Steel Palisades being able to ‘lock’ into existing structures as a decay issue and because that’s a lot of materials being locked into a single fortification that can be bypassed or ignored by determined invaders.

I think Wood works as a ‘free standing’ defence because they are so easy to create and spam, while Iron and Steel, having the potential to really hurt players and NPCs, should be more costly to make and be easier to snap-fit to your existing defences as a consequence so players looking to block off vulnerable areas of their bases can really tighten the screws to people trying to avoid open combat, and funnel people trying to just butcher their way in into ‘kill-zones’ full of traps and Thralls armed with Poison and Demonfire Orbs to punish them for their audacity.

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