Palisades For Base Walls

We have “Wall Palisades” in the game, but I would like to have an actual palisade to build around my base, something similar to the wall around New Asagarth.


My girlfriend and I were just talking about this. Would be pretty sweet.

For funsies, I admin ghosted myself over to New Asagarth. Those pallisades are just simple meshes that are clipping through the ground (so you don’t see the other end). I l like your idea, I just thought I would clarify that the New Asagarth spikes are just simple meshes that would need a bit of work to make it into a usable peaceable by players.

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Yes, this is a point often forgotten (or not known) - that there’s a huge difference between making a player-craft-able item (recipes, balancing, making sure it’s not exploitable, destructible mesh etc) and just making a simple piece of geometry that you place in the editor and then it’s done.

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