Palisade/Tent placement seem to gotten wonky

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

After the Mother of all patches the placement of the Simple- / Wall Palisade & Tents has gone
somewhat wonky as it seems. One could before the patch place these in most places, but now I get the Red X with “Overlapping with another object or terrain”, or “Not enough contact with ground” quite often where it normally would be possible to place these objects, even on open flat ground.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.N/A (craft a palisade and check where it refuses to be placed… maybe…?:cold_sweat:)


Same with me, NPCs are useless in defending the base, palisades cannot be placed.
Dear FunCom, please remember, this is an already released game, almost untested patches would force the players to quit.


Same problem practically every place I try to set a palisade is telling me its overlapping another object when there is nothing close to it.


They changed palisades so they can’t be used to kill world bosses. At least, that’s what I noticed a few days ago when I tried it. They apparently screwed them up in the process.

Yes… placing a line of palisades is a nightmare now, I removed some of mine, hoping to move them slightly forward, and spent the next 30 minutes trying to place them back…

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Understandable trying to fix using them to kill world bosses if that’s really required.
But at the same time breaks legit uses like your own base defence if you cannot place it anymore on the ground directly and are forced to place on some form of foundation.
I remember in Conan the barbarian movie the spikes were in the ground not on a stone foundation :wink:

Forgot to mention simple palisades seem to work much better on the ground still. it’s the normal larger palisades that has obviously changed/broken.

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Killing worldbosses can be done in several manners, and luring them in palisades is long, and for my part i prefer some good weapons. This shouldn’t be a reason enough for drastic change.

CE is a great game also for builders, and all these patched to adress abuse, exploits and more, did realy not add to the fun building in game right now. Since these exploit and cheat patches many buildings elements had issues, and still have.

Nobody likes cheaters and exploiters, but let’s do the part of the things.

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I was worried they would try to block palisade damage against world bosses because some people were complaining that this wasn’t a proper way to kill bosses, and I knew they would screw up the usefulness of palisades in general because their go to solution is to nerf, restrict, nerf, restrict … nerf, restrict.

A more elegant solution, IMO, would be to leave the palisades alone and take some of the AI logic world bosses have in purges and apply it to their regular AI when they’re agro-ed by the player. That is world bosses will attack and destroy palisades during a purge, and it’s extremely difficult to impossible to kill them with palisades during a purge. I know because I tried to kill a world boss that appeared in a purge with a working palisade trap that I had set up, and he just attacked and destroyed the palisades before they could ever do any real damage. So, I had to grind it out for 20 minutes to get rid of him.

So, it was possible to set up a key farm around a world boss with palisades. But really it’s not more efficient than two or more players killing a boss because it only takes five to ten minutes at most. Just two people can go to the pirate ship area, for example, and there’s four bosses at least in that area, two giant spiders, one giant croc and one reaper queen. You can just continually go around in a circle killing one boss while the others respawn and collecting a key every five to ten minutes.


Ditto on PC SP PVP, I didn’t use them much before but tried them in a particular vulnerable spot on my current base and received the same error TOO many times. I couldn’t get a complete line across the weak point.

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Yes! I’m experiencing this bug as well. Palisades are very hard to place now (and by that I mean, impossible to place in most cases, rendering them useless). I really hope they fix this soon!

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I too would like the old placing Palisades where I want to place them come back…

Seems that they went with the worse option for dealing with the “problem”… (They could have just made the bosses aggro on and attack anything and everything that is damaging them including such traps…)

Pallisades still screwed up and practically can’t place them anywhere they are needed

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it wont work , but in order to do damage to pallisades (in pve) it means the same world bosses could be used to attack and do damage to buildings., pallisades are considered building parts.

That’s why I said only if the player aggros the boss by getting too close or attacking, then he/she would attack structures owned by the player as a secondary target such as the existing behavior of bosses in purges. Otherwise, bosses would ignore player structures like they do now. In other words, player owned structures would not aggro a boss by themselves but only when the player was close enough to make the boss hostile. Then, purge AI kicks in, and the boss’s roaming limits stay the same. So, they wouldn’t track down and destroy your base somewhere on the map unless you built it within their normal roaming area and you also aggro-ed them.

But then some players might want bosses to attack anything owned by the player that’s in the boss’s territory.

Be that as it may, I’d rather them just put it back the way it was before because some world bosses ‘now’ like Rhino Kings are not worth killing in SP. It takes hours and hours to kill them in SP with legendary weapons and armor, and the clipping still glitches. You get stuck inside of them, and it’s just too frustrating and annoying to deal with. In addition, palisades have become nothing more than decorative items that you can hardly place anywhere.

I’m not a fan of the idea of forcing the player to always jump through the same hoops to accomplish a task. This only appeals to a minority of players who want everyone to march in step, and if they grind things out in a traditional way, then everyone should do the same. But this kills innovation, imo. If you consider another survival game like Minecraft, there’s no limit to the ways you can farm resources or kill bosses. To come up with weird and insane ways to farm and kill NPCs is part of the fun, imo.

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i can only agree with you !

Palisades should be restored to the way they worked before. Now they’re just nearly useless.
Keep in mind, palisades are one of the first protection a player can make in game to protect base, and small camps. They fit nicely the game look, and a lore-friendly. So making them nearly impossible to place them is just a bad idea.

Like it said in previous post, it’s not so easy and quick to kill a worldboss with palisades, it takes time to, lot. So no reason to consider this nearly as an exploit, while it’s only a way some players found to fight the world they’re in.