Please fix Wall Palisades

(Yes, I have the wall palisade snapped to the ground)
Anyone else find these to be a headache to place? I walked around all the flat areas outside of my base assuming to be able to place it wherever and however I want. But most of the flat area, didn’t really allow it. These are sticks that are technically jammed into the ground, so it’s a bit rediculous that I can’t place these in most places.

Appreciate any feedback.


I had to use foundation pieces, and still some would not stick, really killed the effect/defense I was looking for

They nerfed palisades because players were using it for easy kills on world bosses, since then it is indeed a pain to put them on the ground which look way better than having to put it on foundations.

All for nothing, after that players now farm world bosses with stairs, lets see if this gets fixed when the A.I overhaul comes.

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Or maybe stairs will not be placeable anymore…
I dont get it creating a trap with palisades was a legitimate tactic for boss hunting, it involved clever use of resources and wasnt without a risk to execute.


Plus palisades are good against purges… Can’t help myself against a purge if the game does not allow me to place palisades in locations I should so obviously be able to place them in.

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