Wall Palisades can't be placed on ground

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: [Please enter your server region]

When I try to place wall palisades on flat ground it say that it is “overlapping with another object or terrain”. Small palisades work fine mostly. I am using no mods!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Craft wall palisade!
  2. Try to place it on flat terrain!
  3. It won’t let you place!
  4. Profit!
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In building mode press middle mouse button (or the one you have auto allign assigned to) it should help.

I’m aware of that function, but you didn’t needed to use that function before to place palisades on flat ground! But I will try, yet still think it should be fixed!

Doesn’t always work. I spent a solid 2 hours trying to build a wall of palisades to guard against the Purge (singleplayer mode), and easily 98% of the places I tried putting the palisades came back as either “overlapping” or “not enough contact with ground” (the latter of which is even more laughable). I used the auto-align tool, and it made no difference. Something’s up with palisades, and I suspect it was a change made to prevent people from farming World Bosses or making them too easy.

Wall pallisades are so incredibly fussy about placement. it all but makes them useless :frowning:

Some people on my server have reported better results by placing them on foundations, but that’s just a bandaid really.

At least the small pallisade will actually place well - even if it’s still a bit touchy about being too close to other things.

That would not make any sense! Than why are palisades in the game if they don’t let us use them! Farming World Bosses with palisades is not an exploit! It is called clever playing!

People exploiting them to farm world bosses is exactly why they got nerfed. The patch notes when the change to them went live said as much. Not entirely surprisingly, it does not stop people from using them to kill world bosses, it just makes it much harder for them to do so. It’s annoying for those of us who used them to defend bases, but I understand why they made the change (even if I don’t like how it plays out).

So… Does this mean we won’t get the Palisades back to normal?

The answer is to fix their use against world bosses not break them entirely.

A bundle of pointy sticks should work any place that doesn’t defy gravity. Also, a giant crocodile should walk right through them with minimal damage.

Defending bases? Currently the only thing the palisades damage are the player and Thralls and nothing else! But not in a nerfed way! If you or one of your fighters stand a few seconds next to them the damage you/your fighter take is deadly!

Funcom literally turned the palisades against the players! :angry:

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Yep, more like Dumbcom

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Three points: first, given that people are still using them to damage world bosses they trap in sandstone walls, it’s pretty obvious that they’re damaging more than just players and their thralls. Second, given that I regularly still see deer run into mine and run off in a panic with a “Spikes!” icon on their reduced healthbar, it’s even more obvious the above is wrong. Third, even if the above weren’t true, which ofc they are, pallisades and pallisade walls are cheap, disposable low barriers that need smashed before something gets to your actual walls, which also gives archers more time where they can hit the attacker before it gets too close to the walls to hit with arrows.

And all topics close after 7 days automatically. Nothing unusual there.

This is a game of building and ingenuity. Using palisades to farm world bosses is a perfectly legitimate action. Plus, most of the legendaries aren’t that good anyway and you need to be level 60 to get them anyway. World bosses aren’t even worth the time to kill at this point. How about Funcom creating end game content that you can go into a dungeon for that is challenging and rewarding and leaving the palisades alone.


Yes If the game would allow me to place them next to my walls again! But the devs broke them now because of an exploit that is NOT really an exploit!!!

Nope, they didn’t do it because of the bosses, but because you could place a palissade behind a wall and the hitbox would cross the wall, making it for a very cheap and early game invisible crenelation.

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