Unable to place palisades

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

I am unable to place palisades reliably ever since the latest patch. It gives the error that it is overlapping with another object or terrain. This happens regardless of where I want to place it. Even in the middle of an empty field.

SOMETIMES – hitting the button to align to terrain fixes the issue, however as soon as you move it, the error comes back.

If you have an open area filled with foundation, you can place them reliably without issue. But out on the ground it is totally hosed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create some palisades
  2. Hotkey them
  3. Attempt to place them near a wall
  4. Attempt to place them … anywhere…

I’ve not played in a while. Picked it back up and the game has really improved tons. But this is annoying and needs to be fixed. Greatest defense in the game and works maybe 10% of the time it’s placeable

Totally agree with this. My palisades look like someones drunk uncle placed them while angrily yelling at imaginary neighbors. I fill in the gaps with the 3 stick small ones.


Can’t place any palissade either, can place piques and the small palissades thoses with 3 piques but not the big ones

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Aw damn, that might be mine (the uncle, that is). Seems to fit his M.O. anyway.

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Yep Agree with that, small 3 fences palissade can be put with almost no problem, greater ones present many many troubles:
I imagine someone is trying to prevent the palissade boss fighting trick, but this way palissades are worthless in attack AND defence!

The only way they work is if you have one out and run around until the error goes away. Then you kind of edge it around a little until it will let you place it. It is infuriating. These were really awesome for base defense.

Oh well…

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