Wall Palisades impossible to place

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Wall Palisades used to be fairly easy to place almost anywhere.
Now they will only allow placement on very flat surfaces.
Simple palisades also seem to have stricter placement rules, but no way the same as the wall palisades.
Palisades are meant to be rudimentary protection, or to obstructions that force mobs down a certain path.
They should be able to be placed ANYWHERE.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get a carpenter bench.
  2. Grind an insane amount of branches.
  3. Get some plant fiber.
  4. Make twine
  5. Put the INSANE AMOUNT of branches and just a few twines in the workbench.
  6. Be amazed as 100 branches turn into 5 sticks.
  7. Create and place wall palisade on a slope.
  8. Go on. You can do it!
  9. Give up?
  10. Place it on a flat surface/foundation.

They were nerfed because people used them to encircle bosses and kill them with the barricades.

Use a T4 Thrall to reduce the cost of sticks for a wall, not that they have any use now.
You need 20 sticks or so a Barricade wall.

I’m aware of thrall productivity boosts, and that they nerfed it.
This is more to report of a poorly implemented nerf.

It doesn’t change anything when it comes to farming bosses since I can just lay a foundation down and put the palisades on those.
If anything I say this nerf just encourages more use of this technique since I need foundations and will have a permanent “bossbase”.

Yes, i totally agree with you. I only replied because you classified it as a bug which it isn’t.
It’s stupid, but it is WAD.

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