Palisades are literally worthless


The palisade in Conan Exiles is worthless currently as it’s supposed to stop you from climbing on top of it, but you can do just that. I can climb over any palisade any where and stand on top of it taking maybe 2 damage a second (Not expecting it to do massive damage but at least apply the damage before someone can fully climb over it) which can’t even out damage my passive health regeneration and climb to where the palisade was meant to block. Palisades should act just like crenelated walls and knock you off them instantly there is a large delay on damage delivery from when you start climbing until you actually take damage and it stops you from climbing resulting in anyone being able to crawl over your palisades. Currently they are unusable as they serve no function and no purpose in the game at all right now.

The damage intervals in which the spikes deal damage needs to be significantly increased so if you even touch the palisade you are taking damage to prevent people from easily by passing them. Also why is there no metal version of this like Black Ice Palisades?

I always figured they were created just to slow enemies down, both players and purge foes.

Try climbing over palisade on the edge of a roof.

why. you can just put up a fence that does the same but better

Sure it is. But the question was about palisades not being able to stop someone - that’s why I wanted OP to do some testing.

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