Wall Palisade still "nerfed" to uselessness?

So will these be fixed so we can place them normally on the ground again without collisions preventing us from making walls of them?

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Have you tried using middle mouse button?

Pretty sure the nerf is to prevent quick farming of boss creatures. If this is your intent then LOL. If it’s to protect your base from climbers, then start grinding for t3 fences.

Even if the change was unintentionally, don’t expect them to fix it lol.

So by “Quick Farming of boss creatures” you mean using the walls as intended(They were intended to do two things, stop enemies from passing through them, and damage enemies that stray too close to them. It wasn’t an exploit that players were using them to kill bosses, it was crap AI that didn’t aggro on the barriers which were hurting them…)

So now those of us that want to use them around our bases(And still have them look good) are SoL unless they fix them…

Seriously, there were other better options of ways to nerf them other than ruining them for their intended purpose… We can’t make walls of them anymore. (Mostly want to place them the way I want, and have the AI be smart enough to attack the palisade when taking damage from them… How hard is that to actually code? Just have the AI attack the nearest source of damage and be smart enough to recognize the palisades as a damage source…)

I agree that we should be able to put them around our lower level bases to prevent climbing. They shouldn’t deal near the damage they did on boss creatures though (we had an unspoken rule against doing it on a previous server i was in). I also completely agree that the AI is way too dumb and passive since the combat update. That’s the biggest issue, we need better AI.

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