Various purge, thrall, and Wall Palisade bugs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US (private server)]

1: Wall palisades now either don’t deal damage at all or do negligible damage. I understand they were possibly nerfed to avoid people killing world bosses with them, but this is excessive.
2: Purge monsters don’t damage wall palisades, they damage the structures behind them. My base’s entrance is encircled by palisades, and I just got attacked by a purge of spiders. They damaged the walls and foundations BEHIND the palisades (through the palisades), but the palisades themselves had zero damage and did not deal any appreciable damage to the attackers.
3: I had 6 archer thralls and 5 warrior thralls close to the battle area. None moved a finger to defend, not even when I was damaged in their range.
4: That’s actually better, because when you log in after a reboot thralls now are 200 HP and VERY slowly regenerate. Since purges often happen on login, this is a really, really bad issue that should be fixed ASAP. Not only it makes them completely useless and excessively vulnerable during a purge, but any griefer can get em killed simply by pulling an elephant to them. Thralls should always be at their maximum health after spawned for the first time. This shouldn’t even be a question and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed yet.
5: purges are obviously bugged. since the launch of the game I received 6 purges, and they were ALL spiders. No human purges. No other kinds of purges. It gets boring, and I hate spiders. Human purges are indispensable because they’re the only ones that can provide thralls able to repair legendary weapons, but now they’re so rare that I haven’t seen a single one in the whole server yet.

6 addendum: unrelated, but still relevant. The White Tiger world boss disappeared in the savannah. I believe it was (accidentally?) removed from the spawn table completely. I’d like to have her back, thank you very much.

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