Purge Spawns and Thrall issues (Exiled Lands)

Game mode: Online Private, Single Player
Type of issue: Bugs
Server type: all server types
Region: EU

Yes, the purge spawns are still bugged and with the latest changes to thralls it has become worse. We started a base on the corner between starting area and jungle on that bigger island with the komodos. Every purge we have there has seriously bugged spawns and at least 4 normal spawn points where we got no issues.
Still the purges sometimes spawn atop a two wall high building or inside a structure. Yesterday a whole purge of cultists (the annoying one) spawned atop of the awnings of a building. The second wave spawned inside the cliff. We could see their name plates inside the rock and were able to kill some with gas clouds.
But this issue isn’t related to that exact island, it’s happening on almost every place on the exiled lands as soon as there is a rock or mountain nearby where mobs can stuck inside.
With the new thrall mechanic we have the same issues with many of our thralls. Archers fall through the ground and end up stuck there. Pets run from the base through the wall to attack enemies and get often lost on that path.
In the last few weeks we lost three horses and five or six thralls that we couldn’t recover anymore. In the volcano we lost 3-4 thralls and a horse because they decided to just walk into the lava even after we put them on guard and full passive because they started to walk around for no reason.

I’m terribly annoyed by that since I bought that game years ago and instead of getting it fixed it seems it’s getting worse with any patch to the game.

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