Conan Exiles Xbox Bug

Game mode: [Online and Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [everywhere]

So I cannot activate furnaces, benches and or wheels of pain or any kind of station to craft. I restarted the game but I still have the same issue ?

Are you hitting right trigger to turn them on?

Right trigger is take all.

It works so to fix my problem, I inverted the controls and closed the game and rejoined, then switched the controls back and now it’s working. Thank for trying to help Arsenalcontrol hope this helps others.

Sorry, I was completely wrong… it’s not R trigger, but L trigger that turns things on. For me, Y takes all. Have you changed any of the keybindings? On Xbox, you no longer hit the start button on the crafting station to start production, you hit left trigger. This will start it, and you’ll see the time start to tick down on the crafting station.

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