Conan has encountered a problem and needs to close

I returned to the game a little over a month ago and everything was fine.
This weekend i got some new pc parts, reinstalled windows and the game, played for maybe 3 hours then crashed. Since then everytime i log in, after a few seconds, the game crashes and i get the “conan has encountered a problem and needs to close” window.
Anybody knows what’s causing this?
PS: seen some posts talking about the same thing being caused by a dying gpu but i doubt it is the reason, been playing other, more recent games on max graphics and everything went fine.

I have had a similar issue some time ago and replaced almost all parts in my computer. In the end it was solved after replacing the power supply unit which apparently wasn’t giving a stable power supply anymore.

If it was a psu issue, wouldn’t it cause problems somewhere else? Because at the moment, everything runs perfectly, AOC is the only problem.

I only had the issue with aoc initially . Later i did get some other issues in windows like weird graphics.


what’s in the logs ?

Try to load all locations and both texture resolutions via Conan’s patcher, using “apply” button.