Conan Unconquered Wiki - Anyone is able to contribute and we're looking for an admin!

Hey there,

I have been working on the Conan Unconquered Wiki using any footage I could find so far. Here’s the wiki:

Want to help contribute?
If you want to help out on to the Wiki, feel free to join - there’s always something to do!

Anyone is able to contribute:

  • If you don’t make an account, your IP will be shown and we are less easily able to stay in touch about your contributions.
  • Registrating and logging in is done using your Twitch account. Contributing with an account also gives less ads and active contribution is awarded with Gamepedia PRO; this removes advertisements and gives you a “PRO” badge.

We’re looking for a community admin

The wiki is looking for someone who is mature, known with RTS games and is able to discuss things with the Conan Unconquered community where needed. Preferably, they should be actively playing Conan Unconquered.

If you think this description really, actually suits you, try applying via the Community Portal (Click on “Apply here” under the “community administrators” header on the right)

Have any questions?

Leave them here. Just fyi, I am in a busy period and I might not be able to answer them.

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