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New to the forums? Please take a minute and introduce yourself to the community so we can get a feel for our fellow RTS gamers.

Are you a Conan Fan? A RTS Veteran or totally new to the genre? Don’t be stranger and say hi here!
Or just use it to take the forum for a spin and check how everything works :slight_smile:

I am Natascha, Funcom’s community manager and CU is my very first RTS. I never thought the genre would be for me but you could definitely say Petrogylph totally converted me :wink:

Having a hard time putting it down. Must.Get.Through.That.Next.Wave!



Hi I’m Nicole! Also Funcom’s community manager. :slight_smile: Not gonna lie, I suck at any RTS games but they’re pretty addicting and ones I have a hard time putting down until I succeed. I play this game much better when it’s with a friend who I can put all responsibilities on. :laughing:



I’m Jens Erik and I’m also community manager at Funcom! I’ve played some RTSes in the past, but rarely. What I’ve played of Unconquered has been very addictive so far though, so I’m excited to see what it’s like when it come sout :smiley:


Hi, I’m Funcom’s resident trash golem and this is my favorite thread in the citadel. :v:

Also I really like RTS games and can’t wait for this to launch :slight_smile:



I am Melcom the green one bitween all the blues here :wink:


Hello! Call me Nord.

I suck at RTS, and find Red Alert, Warcraft and C&C impossible to finish even on easy. The only RTS I’ve finished was Dune 2, and I’m not even sure if that was real time or turn based.

But I looooooove Conan and all things Hyborian Age.


I loved this !


Back in the heyday of AOL I was in the midst of the old C&C vs. War2 rivalry whose flamewar lit up the night sky. Good memories :slight_smile:


I am Satet-ka the high priest of Set.

You know the one on the back of the spider in the intro video?

The only game I’ve played more then AoC is starcraft so I’m very excited about it.

See you on the field of war!!



I’m Ignasi, the Community Support person at Funcom. Back in the day I used to love RTS games, my favourites being Tzar, AOE 2, C&C Tiberian Sun, Empire Earth and Rise of Nations. I always played the turtling strategy so it’s only fair to assume that I’m super stoked for Unconquered. And the few bits that I’ve played already…RELEASE IT ALREADY


Hello! Call me whatever!

I am fairly new to the forums, but obsessed with reading and answering fellow newcomers, as well as suggesting content and such. I love helping!

I love Conan Exiles, and am very excited for Unconquered as I have only played one or two RTS’ in the past!



I’m me. I’ve had a lot of fun playing RTS games, especially those with campaigns and cool storylines. I’m hoping this game will still manage to be engaging even if it is more of a simple grind and survive RTS game.

One of my favorite RTS games was Command and Conquer: Mental Omega, which was a mod for Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge.

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Hiya Wahzammo here…

Love me a good RTS… cut my teeth back in day on Age of Empires, Civilization, Theocracy, Lemmings, Age of Mythology, Warhammer franchise, SimCity franchise, Red Alert… fave old school RTS was definitely Perimeter, that was badass and hard as hell.

More recently Anno2070, Tropico 5, Cities XL, Cites: Skylines…

I won’t lie and say I finished them all thou, have a bad habit predicting my downfall and re-starting with a new tactic as I go… eventually once I figured the mechanics I moved on before completion…

Looking forward to Conan Unconquered!


Welcome everyone,

sorry for the slow times around here. Most of us are enjoying some free days for Easter.
Nevertheless, we’re super happy to have you with us :slight_smile:


Hey all!

I’m Scott Oden, author of the Conan story included with CONAN UNCONQUERED. I’m not much of an RTS player, but I do like some old school tabletop RPG action. Glad to be here! :slight_smile:


What a treat to have you with us. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Hello people!

I’m a huge Conan fan from Latin america, not much of an RTS player, but I’ve had my share, from ac ouple of Total War to Empire at War (which remided me a lot of 1995 SW Rebellion).

Even thou I’ve never been a multiplayer fan, Conan Exile is the game I’ve played the most since Early launch, both with friends and strangers, so now I have a soft spot for Funcom.

Even thou I’m still waiting for a good single player, Witcher-like game where you get to play as Conan himself, I’m gonna play Uncoquered for sure since petroplyph did an amazing job with EAW.

You keep making them Funcom, I’ll keep buying them.


Your co-op with @Jens_Erik was one of the more fun and memorable RTS streams I’ve ever seen. As an Age of Kings/Conquerors player, like reading a poker face I know the tells – Andy was itchin’ to jump in!

I’m Barnes, you may know me from Conan Exiles. Big fan. Also long-time and current player of AOE2, and Anno series. From what I’ve seen of Conan Unconquered, a lot of us are going to have a very good time!

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Any chance you could host an online roll20 rpg campaign for us?

I would love to pay for that experience (or not pay is good too!)

Hi! I’m Halcyon, a Funcom veteran (religiously played TLJ, AO, TLJ:Dreamfall, TSO and Conan Exiles).

It’s the 27th and I am excited for CU.
I’ll finally get to experience something I wish was part of CE :slight_smile:
(I don’t get purged often enough on CE :stuck_out_tongue: )

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