Conans Kingdoms PS4/PS5 EU, PVP

Hello there,

I am advertising my slightly boosted PvP server. This is not an ordinary PvP server with a small PvE spin on things. XP and harvesting is boosted but not so much that don’t have to work for the rest of the game. We as admins want to keep the game interesting and enjoyable so we have implemented weekly events and a shop that is reasonably balanced so that you have to work for your purchases.

Also something new added is a jobs board! We have created this so that you can earn our in game currency from doing jobs all over the exiled lands in able for you to purchase from our shop.

Upon joining you will receive a good starter pack to set you on your way. You will also be granted 7 days protection where you or no one will attack within that time period. So you have time to build up your defences and harvest what you need for an attack!

Server rules are applied and must be obeyed. There are brief headings at the admin building but go into more detail on our discord. Please check these out so everyone is on the same wave length.

Myself and my Co admin are dedicated to make this a fun and enjoyable server, and with the experience we have had on multiple servers from hardcore PvP servers to some amazing PvE servers we have combined the perfect balance between the 2. So come and check us out.