Conan's Royal Armor. Balance pass

I was looking at the Epic version of Conan’s Royal Armor and noticed the costs to make it.

Over 100 hardened leather and more with no means to reduce cost

You only receive +5 encumbrance at Epic tier.:expressionless:

This is awfully weak… is there wiggle room to increase the bonus to +7 encumbrance rather than a measly +5?

Would people even care? This would be a serious QoL improvement for me.


A lot of things need balance, but with the Fc speed on testing internally CE, in 6 or 7 years we may see the game better balanced. :laughing:

Yep, it should have better stats. Actually I would love the “Guild wars 2 model” where you craft armor and then choose stats for yourself :P. But as for the Royal, yeah, it was a reward for being there for Funcom in beta, so I suggest they reward us more than this crap


Royal Armor is a very good reward early in the game, gives great advantage to level up. Later on you learn many types of armor so it becomes obsolete.

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It would be great if we could select another one or two attribute fitting the visual of the armor, like Conans Royal could be enc, str or agi, and if could change the attribute per piece, even better, more options for customization and build.

If that could apply to all the other armors, they would get finally used.

Yes. The normal version is great early game.

I was addressing the Epic version being weak if used late game

+5 encumbrance is very little bonus on Epic/Flawless armor…

It needs to be craftable in an armor bench and just make it so only the people who have it can make it. Then it can benefit from the armor thrall cost reduction. Also add flawless version if you have named thralls. Just need to make sure only the few who have it can do it.

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Addendum. They might have it the way it is because you can craft things you don’t know if the thrall knows it. Way around this is to put it in with the other armors but add an item needed for crafting that only the people who should have access to it can craft by hand. Like a “Legacy Token” or something. This would allow it to benefit from armor thralls while still making sure only the right people can do it. This could also be applied to the sword. Just have a “Legacy Armor Token” and a “Legacy Sword Token” respectively. Also maybe come up with a better name :wink:

Okay don’t know what the norm is on the regular epic encumbrance armors is, so I just have to ask, do the other epic armors give a better stat boost to encumbrance? If so what?

They get +9 when made exceptional or flawless. They don’t even need to be epic.

I think it’s intentional. Royal armor gives a great boost at the start - but all of us having it have played CE for hundreds and thousand hours already. It helps us to pass boring beginning with almost exclusively PVE content a bit quicker, that’s all. If it gave real advantages in the end-game with its mostly PVP content it would be a real eternal “pay-to-win” and it would be unfair to other players.

I’m not talking about the Normal version of the armor. Decent cost for decent starter armor. That is fine. Easy to get at low level. Great at level 20.

Now back to the subject of this post.

I am talking about the higher tier version needing a balance pass. 100 hardened leather should give more than 5 attributes. All the other armors give more attribute points at less than half the cost of the higher tier Conan royal armor.

How would that be construed as pay to win? The armor still wouldn’t compare and would be strictly worse than every other high tier armor. You can verify all of this if you have access to the armor.

Tell me how the high tier Conan armor would be pay to win by bumping +5 encumberance, to +7?

It still costs too much for +7 if you compare to most armors.

And someone still will be talking about disbalance. Royal Armor in the end-game is purely a vanity item I think. When (if) we’ll have mannequins for armor it will be good to place it into collection, that’s all.

Royal armor is comparable to normal medium armor. Royal armor gives +5 encumbrance and 158 armor unmodified. Medium armor gives +5 encumbrance and 134 armor unmodified. However in the early game you can get flawless medium armor by killing the named fighters around the southern river. That gives you +9 encumbrance and 177 armor.

In the mid-end game epic royal armor gives you +5 encumbrance and 320 armor. Epic Medium armor gives +5 encumbrance and 337 armor (more). However that is as high as royal goes. Medium armor can be flawless epic and get +9 encumbrance, 440 armor and costs less then half.

The royal armor would not give an advantage if it was able to be crafted in a bench and be a little bit cheaper and even get a flawless form. Epic flawless royal armor would give +9 encumbrance and 423 armor if it followed the same curve as the medium.

I truly feel (and would love a dev to confirm yes or no) they made it hand crafted so that there would not be a way for it to somehow be accidentally craftable by a named armor. I posted a solution to that problem earlier in the thread.

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