Royal Armor useless?

Not having stats, only armor, hard mode? Its gorgeous, but who will want to wear armor without stats? I think we should be able to select a stat of choice while crafting! or the stat will favor the most invested attribute.

The low level version is almost the exact same as regular medium armor (+5 encumbrance). It looks awesome, so I will most likely be using it all the way to 60. :rofl:

The armor rating is also a bit higher than normal medium armor

thanks for ordering here is some statless gear…

The base level has the same stats as Exceptional Medium Armour and is considerable lighter. It is my primary armour (it also has some… unlisted stats shhhhhh)

oh there it is 5 encumbrance eh yeah guess its good for the first 59 lvls :stuck_out_tongue:

Shhhhh be cool don’t say what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

gonna give these people something since they cant get in game

It is what I am using,the Encumberance DEFINITELY helps and it is pretty nice armor. Looks good too. Loving it.

I wish they’d implement what Everquest 2 has. You have your actual armor, and a second set of slots to put gear that only provides appearance, no stats or armor bonus.

So you can look however you want (including naked if you want), but are actually wearing armor. EQ2 even has armor and weapons that are appearance only, specifically only for appearance slots.

Doubt it would even be that hard to code, since the coding for how armor looks on you is already implemented.

I wouldn’t expect a mechanic like that in a survival game. Part of it being a survival game is seeing what your opponent is wearing and reacting accordingly. Having someone run up seemingly naked but actually wearing heavy armor would be a mistep IMO.

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If playing locally or have your own server, use the mod called “Fashionist”. It does exactly that.

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no mods
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Really? it gives encumbrance? weird, I crafted at singleplayer and it hasn’t stats, guess i’ll craft again.

So it’s for looks only, it doesn’t protect you? If that’s the case, I feel tricked.

The armor didnt ment to be OP plus you have the epic version of it as well

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