No encumbrance for Royal Armor


We made our first set of medium in the island today.
Our Conan Royal Armor has NO stats.
Zero encumbrance.


I can confirm this. No encumbrance bonus for Royal Armor pieces. The info button still says it provides encumbrance. Pieces made in Sipah.

Logged in to character in Exiled Lands and set made long ago also has no bonus encumbrance.


Just made some other armor and got bonus, so it seems some armors do have the set bonus. Just not Royal.

I’m getting an encumbrance bonus from Yamati Demon hunter armor.

Also the cost to make it is insane since u make it in inventory!

Add : cannot dismantle any more.
I spawned standard T1 gauntlets (light, medium and heavy), encumbrance bonus works on them

This is happening across both platforms. Being most of my toons wear it, ALL of them have no encumbrance

York are you saying they removed it?
We had it before the update

Also, there is no temperature protection in addition to no bonus stats.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue with the Royal Armor and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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I looted some relic hunter armour and it gave +1 endurance - but yeah same with my Royal Armour set, just noticed it gave no bonuses at all

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