Encumbrance bonus not working

Game mode: Private Server
Problem: Bug

While wearing the new Royal Armor set, which gives + 5 encumbrance, I noticed that I was becoming over encumbered at 98% encumbrance rather than 100%. It does not seem to always be the case (possibly intermittent), but it sure was constant this morning. This had happened a few times prior to launch on testlive as well.

Repro steps:
1.Gather materials with bonus encumbrance armor on.
2. Get to 98% and see the “You Are Overencumbered” message display, while not being able to sprint.
3. Slowly walk your butt back to base or keep dropping “stuff” till you can move freely again.

I was able to sprint at 99% while wearing the royal set. I’m on single player though. Are you on a dedicated server?

It’s a private server, although this problem is intermittent. Yesterday i was fine at 99%, but today 98% I was over encumbered. I had the same thing happen intermittently during test live when testing the combat changes. Could possibly be client side, as I’m unable to roll sometimes till i equip and unequip a weapon.

Interesting. I haven’t seen either of those issues, but servers and SP each seem to have their own sets of bugs.

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OK, so i took off the armor when it said i was over encumbered at 92%. Put it back on and apparently i was at 102%. Not sure what would cause that discrepancy.

Ah, sounds like a graphical glitch then. Did you check your encumbrance value on the right side of the attributes screen?

yeah, that was saying lower than 100% as well. The icon showing encumbrance on screen wasn’t flashing either. It was quick fixed by removing and putting back armor, just thought I’d bring the bug to light. :grinning:

I am having this issue with just the regular heavy armor with bonus encumbrance as well on a private Xbox server. I find removing and re-equipping the helmet fixes the issue.

When I remove and re-equip the meter corrects itself.

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