Major encumbrance bug I can't fix for 3 days

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I’ve had a bug for 3 days now. Numerous deaths restarts, server refreshes and Steam fixes haven’t worked.

When I put on my Armour (I’ve tried different sets and made fresh sets) my encumbrance goes up to the mid 70’s so as soon as I start harvesting I am encumbered.

Basically I am unable to play because of this as within a couple of minutes I have to return to base.

The armor I weare doesn’t seem to make any significant difference.

Anyone got any solutions or ideas?



is this on official or private server or Single-Player? If not on Official, are there any server settings that affect encumbrance, or any mods that might affect item weights or encumbrance?

Does the encumbrance change when you wear the armor or does this happen when you just carry it in your inventory? If the latter, does your total weight carried rais by a correct amount when you pick the armor from a container?

Have you tried what happens if you wear a set of armor that increases your carrying capacity?

thank you,

It is an official server so no settings to cause this and it was fine for a few weeks. Encumbrance goes from 78 to 102 when I unequip and equip armor with barely anything in the Inventory.

I had suspected bugged a inventory from resetting Attributes or adding buffs to armor, however from other comments I have another lead that this ‘may’ be due to me now not having any points in Expertise. I don;t use Thralls a lot, too much like hard work to control, however I am advised that despite not saying so Expertise points progressively reduce encumberance, so I am going to gather some yellow lotus or unbugged reset potions and give that a try.

Does this make sense top you?


Yes. Points in Expertise let you carry more stuff. If you have 0 points in Expertise the amount you can carry is quite low, and most armors would take you to medium encumbrance or higher.

Are you seeing a difference between using light, medium or heavy armors? The regular armors that are literally called Light armor, Medium armor and Heavy armor all add a bonus to your carrying capacity, so wearing those may help you with your resource harvesting.

thanks again.

I think i’ve been an idiot. I hadn’t realized that carrying capacity was directly linked to incremental points in Expertise. I just thought the space between Perks (every 5 points) was padding ‘cringe’

Don’t worry. We’re all still learning the new Attribute system.

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