Game says im over encumbered when im at 92% :(

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [everywhere man]
ive noticed that sometimes i get over encumbered when im nearing the max, but hasnt reached it. like now im at 92%.

please fix this, yet another bug.

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Never seen it.

How can I REPRODUCE your bug?

i have no clue. i was out farming with medium armor tasset when it happened.

I have had this happen to me a multitude of times. Eventually my character stops being over-encumbered as time passes. I cant reproduce it myself, it just happens and then stops happening.

Me too.

I don’t know this is related with something like this:

I have 20 pieces of meat, when i eat one on the right side game shows me something like that: Meat: 296 (-1)

Remove encumber buff and re-apply to fix bug. Black Keep boots did this to me.

I have seen this, but I am not completely sure what the reproduction steps are. I believe that this is somehow tied to the light and medium armors that grant an encumbrance ability boost. If you are swapping between this armor, and other armor (sandstorm mask, climbing gloves, or just another set, etc.) seems to potentially provoke this bug.

My theory is that the percentage of your total encumbrance (92%) is actually mis-represented. Your weight is actually 100%, but the UI shows you 92% due to an issue with the calculations. Again - my theory is that this is tied to encumbarance ability boosting. Though, I cannot figure out how to undo this without performing a bracelet pull (death).

I am wearing flawless light set for +9 enc and whenever I put it on/off I never had any issues. Ofc if you broke piece of armor which gives you + enc, you might get over-enc.

I had this issue last night wearing flawless epic medium armor. It showed me at 92% encumbrance but I was moving like I was over encumbered. I removed all of my armor and put it back on and sure enough, I was at 111% encumbrance. So it looks like its not taking into account the additional encumbrance provided by the armor.

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Seen this issue… it’s with the armors that give encumbrance boost. To fix, take the armor off and put it back on and you’ll see correct encumbrance. I’ve had this happen multiple times, and do not know what causes it.

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My character is over encumbered with nothing on and nothing in the inventory

Remove 1 piece of your armor and put it again you probably will be over 100% encumbered. At Least that works for me.

I’ve had this bug a lot. The last one I’ve had was your over incombered flash across the screen for about 5 min., I was moving normally and able to run althe while it was flashing your over incombered. My incmbrance icon was green as well.

just take every you own OFF, and emty your inventory completely. Then take it all back right after …bug gone. Anoying but easy temporaly “fixable”

thats what i do when it happens to me