[BUG] Max encumbrance at 90%

Game mode: Online | PVP
Problem: Bug
Region: US Central

Just noticed when i logged in today that after going above 90% of my encumbrance, it said i was at max and started moving slowly.

So not even at 100% encumbrance when this happened. I have on the silent legion armor set and the support tattoo, which enhances encumbrance.

Just removed my bracelet, appears to have fixed the issue. However, kinda annoying since i lost my tattoo.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Get to 90% encumbrance

I recall reading a few other bug reports on this.
For some of them, removing armor and putting it back on fixed it. For others, they had to commit suicide as well.

This happened to me once. Re-equipping my armor solved it. Which is good because I didn’t want to lose my war paint!

If it happens again and re-equipping armor doesn’t work, try dropping some weight and picking it back up.

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