Encumbrance bug

I’ve had a bug for 3 days now. It started after a respec using lotus flower potion (no idea if this is related). Numerous deaths restarts, server refreshes and Steam fixes haven’t worked.

As soon as I put my Armour on (I have tried different sets of armor and have made fresh sets) my encumbrance goes up to the mid 70’s so as soon as I start harvesting; grab a few stone, hides or ore and I am encumbered. Basically I am unable to play because of this as within a couple fo minutes I have to return to base.

I have 2 pieces of heavy armor and 3 medium at present, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference what I wear. Anyone got any solutions or ideas?


Which pieces u have equipped? And how many points in strength and expertise?

Expertise please.
Heavy armor and no expertise and you can’t lift a toe.
I wear medium armor plus 10 expertise, and I still need a bearer’s backpack helmet + eating a lasting meal to add another 90 encumbrance. That will keep me slightly under 50% when you have all the basic items on.

@Steevodeevo if you are building or looking for lots of ressources just max “expertise” and “health” … when you’re done drink a reset potion and redistribute the points the way you prefer

thanks guys, it was expertise issue as you stated.

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