Encumbrance bug

I crafted a set of Hyperborean heavy armour, put it on, and my encum went through the roof. I took it off, put my medium armour back on and my encum stayed very high. Got fully naked and my base encumbrance was 42% at the first encumbrance perk.
Made a lotus potion, at 0 in everything and naked, my encumbrance was 85%.
This is very annoying, as soon as I put armour on i’m pretty much maxed out. Has anyone else come across this and know how to fix it? I’d prefer not to start over

Your medium armor is likely giving you a boost to your encumbrance stat. Hyperborean does not, it increases strength.

Also, Hyperborean is ‘heavy’ armor. Medium is lighter.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the situation though.

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