Let's talk about encumbrance

Wearing only medium armor at level 25. Can barely carry anything at all…armor needs a rework to not take up 85% of your carry weight…lord knows what it’s like at this level with heavy armor on.

I think the weight of armor if you are wearing it should be half but if it is in your inventory not on you it should count fully cause it is how the human body works

like if you are carrying 10 apples and a very heavy coat and you can’t carry any more apple but if you put the heavy coat on you can carry some more apples

Encumbrance is the stat you’re looking for to use heavier armors.

Its like this by design. If you wish to use heavier armor, you must delegate some of your attribute points away from Strength/Accuracy and Grit. The less potential damage you can take, the less you can potentially deal out.

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Hmm would be a cool perk idea for a tree. Maybe either encumbrance or strength. To allow armor to weigh less or weigh nothing when equipped.

I do feel medium armor should be re-balanced. Heavy armor i can understand making you be able to carry like almost nothing. But medium is suppose to be middle of the road a balance between carrying a lot and not being able to carry anything at all. And i feel medium armor just has barely too much weight.

Then again overall this games weight/encumbrance system could use an overhaul as somethings make no sense weight wise compared to others. I can carry like 300 or 400 bars of ingots before i am encumbered that weighs around the same as my armor. If not a little less, which is just plan stupid.

I feel while the perks you get for the attributes are nice. There’s only a few good ones and the rest just feel kinda meh or underwhelming. Having some better or more interesting perks would be a nice addition. For example strengths final tier seems like a bad joke.

By the time you drop to 25% health either you or the enemy is already dead so the damage increase does nothing. In less you plan to kill world bosses and purposely stay at 25% on the brink of dying and know the bosses down to the very frame of their attacks. I hardly see this perk being good at all, nor does it have that wow factor of being a final perk, like lets say the encumbrance final perk is.

Anyways i got off topic. Have a good day all. o/

Not sure if it has been fixed, but the Armor mod that would reduce weight wasn’t working. It would reduce the number on the weight of the armor (like 19-11 or something similar) but it didn’t change your actual encumbrance percentage. I.E. I had 62% encumbrance before adding weight reduction mods, and after adding the mods I was still at 62% encumbrance.

IMO, if that gets fixed, that will solve a lot of problems.

Encumbrance 5th perk is you recieve no movement penalty for being overweight.
Agility Perk lowers armor tier for the sake of dodging.

As for your medium armor being the middle of the road. It already is. You need half the encumbrance as heavy requires. Which is a bonus for medium since the more of a attribute you need, the progressively more points it takes to reach it. For it to be more of a middle ground, its weight would need to be increased.

I personally think its fine. Once the healing fix goes in, Light Armor will be more viable. Currently due to how healing works in combat, Heavy armor is king, despite the encumbrance issue.

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There are armor kits to reduce armor weight.

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they are broken…and non functional

i don’t want to wear heavier armors…but i do want to be able to farm more than two stacks of stone at a time without being naked in medium armor.

Please tell us where you have applied your skill points and what level you are… it can help us understand where you are…

Enough points in encumbrance and you can mine all the stone in the world at one time with any armor equipped.

encumbrance: 11
strength: 20
vitality: 15
level 27

For what it’s worth, I spend nothing on strength until late game. Respec, takes those points, and dump them into encumbrance, vitally, grit… then others. Strength at level 27 isn’t worth putting points into IMO.

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except if you want to avoid getting dumped on in pvp…

For 90% of situations, you’d be correct. Though someone dumping like 25 into it at that level and focusing on damage for a group could be quite devasting in the lower tiers. A iron two hander starts doing 39 dmg at that point.

But for what he’s trying to do, he’d be better served swapping STR and ENC. I’d even take 5 from VIT and put it in GRT. He wants to carry and fight. That’d be the way to go about it.

Personally if I’m carrying and avoiding fights. I’d stick to ENC and have at least 10 in AGI. Maybe a bit in GRT for extra reserves. This would allow me to carry quite a bit and run from any threat I need to. Hell you can even drop crap on the ground to distract. You’d likely be able to drop more than the attacker could carry even.

Maybe drop a bit of iron along with a crap ton of stone so if they F the bag, they’re stuck while you high tail it out of there. Or if they don’t seem too well equipped, kill them while they’re stuck in their inventory/moving slow.

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I have no problem with encumbrance at all, but it is quite a turnaround from what it was before, I agree. It prevents people from carrying all their stuff with them to a “more realistic” way, if you want to see it like that, so for me as a roleplayer it’s quite a step forward.

Thinking about the issue superficially, it might only be a problem for someone on a pvp server, with the attitude of building the perfect killer.

I’m not so sure strength works like it used to. Before every point of strength equaled 1 pt of dmg

25 grit is a must for any pvper now with the damage reduction

they work fine for me on testlive, have done since i joined a test server some 2 weeks ago.

Yeah Taemien, I’d concur.

Not necessarily true. You can be skilled in pvp and maybe go with 10 strength at you’re level. Get a slight damage bonus and still have more points to throw to encumbrance. Or you can be skilled further and go with 0 at your level. Getting crapped on in pvp at that level is going to be less about strength points and more about tactics and survivability.

But hey, all IMO. You put out the discussion, and said you want to be able to farm more than 2 stacks of stone so there you go.