Encumbrance 1st perk broken?

Hi guys!

I have been testing the 1st perk in Encumbrance called Balance and Counterbalance. If I understand it correctly, when overcumbered you deal more damage, and when in normal green state, your swings cost less stamina.

I focused on the stamina part, with and without perk multiple times, and it seems that my swings cost exactly the same amount of stamina. Tested on light and heavy attack with all sorts of combinations. Am I understanding the perk correctly, or do you have the same issue?


i think you do understand the perk correctly.
i understand the same too.
Thanks for sharing, since i was wondering that too but i didn’t do any exhaustive testing about it yet.

I will have to test the strength part as well. Hopefully the stamina part will be fixed. If anyone else is experiencing the same thing, please confirm. :blush:

I thought that if it was working, it was nothing substantial enough to be noticeable. Thank you for confirming this.

If your testing is conclusive, you may want to consider posting it in Bug Reports with all of the relevant details so that it gets proper attention from the Devs (or forum Moderators/Managers bumping it to Devs).

Yes, I did the numbers as well:

State 1 NO PERK - Iron Axe ; 35% Weight

Light Attacks Stamina Usage : 1st 5st, 2nd 5st, 3rd 6st, 4th 7st
Heavy Attacks Stamina Usage : 1st 7st. 2nd 10st; 3rd 12st; 4th 15st

State 2 WITH PERK - Iron Axe ; 35 % Weight

Exactly the same numbers…

I did tests with 98% weight on both, and the numbers are higher, but still same in both Perk / No Perk states.


Good to know.
Thanks bobba.

What level are you ? Testing a 10% Stam at level 1-20 I doubt you see any difference unless you have a way to see the actual numbers per swing

That was tested on level 28. I see your point, but even swings that take 15 stamina (4th swing in a heavy combo), should see a reduction at least by 1. You can see the number per swing if you just open you inventory right after swing. The stamina doesn’t regen right away after swing but leaves you hanging for a second. Kinda like 5 second rule in vanilla WoW on mana regen haha. Anyway, it is not the most reliable test I know.

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