Sprint attack when overencumbered. Intended?


What? :hushed: Your character moves like the Flash =))) I think that it’s not the intended.

I’m not sure if this is a bug. But, I think this should be posted on [PC Update and Bugs] Channel too.

I cannot say that it is so bad , it would be really useful on pve , after all not all the gamers play PvP ,so everyone should be happy . Plus I don’t think it will affect so much PvP ,since the stamina loss for over encoumbered is great . I guess time will tell if people will love it or hate it , it needs time .
@SirDaveWolf ,love your videos m8 keep it going :+1:

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Year… like carry an entire mountain at normal speed.

I Made a topic about daggers/claws behaviour while encumbered before 2.3, now with the sprint attack i can move even faster then before. All of that while loosing very little stamina and travel significant distance.

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@Coty ,Yea I believe that the next time they’ll do adjustments on encumbrance this thing needs a limit too . I believe that you must have max 150% carrying limit and then your inventory must accept no more . The only reason I ask more than 100% is for some specific moments , for example when you need to collect your gear from your dead body but you need to wear armor again to collect it back , because not all your boss fights are super :rofl::rofl::rofl: . As for PvP , don’t worry ,I am aware what it means to move so fast over encoumbered , still I believe it is a step by step removing the benefits of encumbrance from the game . A massive amount of players is playing full encumbrance yet and a really low percentage plays full strength :wink: . Step by step my friend , patience , the day is coming .

In the early days of the game, when you became encumbered, you just stopped, there was no walking slowly. This was before thralls could even carry anything or follow you.

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I remember those Times, damn rocknoses or hyenas got me every time i went 1 Hit to much in a stone deposit. :shushing_face:

I must say that i like how the encumberance works now without being speced fully, what i do not like is that stamina drains sooooo slow…i have my Base in g8 and i clean the map between my Spot and the goblinoid vault, i do the return Trip without Getting exhausted. Above that, if a player walks normally beside me i will be at my Base a lot earlier then him, only by using the light attacks, sprint attack drains the stamina faster.

I have patience @stelagel :wink: i even participated in a fully encumbered tournament. You could use any weapons, i went for Claws. Only lost against players using daggers. Was fun though :slight_smile:

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@Coty and @JJDancer , I do remember that , ofcurce when I started playing this was long gone , fortunately , this however is not what I seek , I want a limit that will not allow me to put anything else in my inventory , the body vaults must end sometime :wink: .

Isnt it really the fact that after a certain time period (10 days?) the body becomes invisible? The simple fix is to make the body visible, always.

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Better would be that bodies are also affected by the decay system.

So the body simply dies after the time runs out. So it’s inventory disappears. After that the body can go invisible for performance reasons.

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The body is invisible the next day :pensive: . The game already has carrying mechanisms , still most of us play full encumbrance almost all the time . It is that great advantage to carry 150 different stacks no matter the weight that makes you do it . If you had a weight limit ,not inventory capacity changed , just a weight limit which won’t allow you to place more things in your inventory , believe me we would play better this game . I remember when the horses arrived they buff archery to equalise the chances of a fight between a mounted fighter and a walking fighter , what we all did is to become archers in PvP to the point nerfing archery again :woman_shrugging:t3: . These are some of the reasons I say all the time that PvP needs a lot of balancing yet :wink: .

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