Movement Penalty?

Can someone please explain me what exactly it does? I cant really see a difference performing actions, like running, climbing, fighting, etc… if Im at 0% or 99% encumberance it all feels the same. There is supposed to have some sort of penalty the more you carry, but I really cant see the difference.

i think it has a direct inpact in ur stamina bar, it will drain faster the more u are encumbrance, and it can be mitigated by the more stat points u put in encumbrance. hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Pretty much. You’ll gas yourself out much faster when sprinting or climbing when at higher encumbrance. Even with the 50 perk you will still peter out quickly compared to if you aren’t encumbered.

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Awesome, you are quite right, now I need to be more cautious about my encumbrance, thanks!

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