Encumerance and movement issues

Has anyone encountered with the phenomenon, when you are over-encumbered, you swim very slowly? This wasn’t present before, and in water you are way lighter due to buoyancy, so it is not logical to implement this into the game. Unless it is a bug.

An other is when you dump your stuff, a lot of times your encumbrance meter does not go down, only a restart helps.

And there is an other! When you are in admin mode and fly around, over-encumberance applies to you even when flying. Plus you can “run” fly without stamina usage, but when you hold doen sprint while flying, you fly faster, but use stamina.

What the hell? These weren’t in the game before, why were these changes neccessary?

You are lighter due to buoyancy, but all that metal you’re carrying makes your encumbered character much denser than water, so you drop like a rock. Just letting people swim at all in anything heavier than light armor is unrealistic. Swimming normally while carrying 200 pounds of dense materials would be a joke.

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Realistically speaking, it is absolutely true, but this never happened pre 3.0, and I saw no mention of this change in the patch notes.

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