Encumbrance and Movement

Hey! I’m new and have a few questions about encumbrance. When I was playing a long time ago, I would always try to keep my weight down to as low as possible (<50%). Now, I don’t understand why. Is there any differences in stam effeciency/movement speed, or anything, for anything <100%?

If I keep it <49% percent is that any better than <99%?


Higher encumbrance will run your stam out faster. For example, if you are at 95% capacity and you try to climb you won’t get as far as climbing at 20% capacity. Running works the same way.

Thank you! Is it set in tiers? Like the <50%, <70%, <100%, etc? No difference between 49% and 1%?

Also is it just stam management for running/climbing? Thanks

Slight correction (or clarification). This is true for consoles (for now). However on PC, this was changed in the 2.2 patch.

Having 99% encumbrance versus 20% will be no difference in how much stamina you consume. It will however, effect it’s generation. The 2.2 patch notes cover this better then I ever could though, so I’ll refer you and the OP there.


Running out of stamina whist wearing heavy armor.

Regen while:
Lightly Encumbered - about 7 seconds.
Moderately encumbered - about 8 seconds.
Heavily encumbered - about 10 seconds.
Over encumbered - about 20 seconds.

Not much difference until you’re over encumbered unless you’re wearing lighter armour where you’ll notice more of a difference in Regen even whilst unencumbered.

I like this change a lot personally.

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Thank you. This is the information I was looking for.

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