PVE Coop Bugs & strangeness

I notice that Thrall archers just can’t be made to hold bows.
Encumbrance seems to be screwed up.
Clan members weapons suddenly disappear, especially when they run while holding something.

They equip bows when in combat all thralls pick a weapon at start of combat from their inventory. Rest assured they will use their bows once they start to fight

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

I just tried it out and it still doesn’t work correctly. They just stand there and do nothing when I am being attacked. Also encumbrance is still screwy.

What’s wrong with encumbrance?

My encumbrance is set to 23, this used to allow me to carry many more objects than I currently can. I don’t know at what point this took place, but now it was one of the things that helped to make the game unplayable. Note, I had logged over 300 hours on Steam before this all happened. I have screen shots of my inventory, but no way to get them to you to see.

You can upload pictures to Imgur and link here. What is your carry capacity with 23 encumbrance?
I keep mine at 30 for the Pack Mule trait. It gives me a capacity of 308.

Each point of Encumbrance increases your carry capacity by 7, which is the same as it was when I first bought the game Feb 5, 2017. So at that rate you should have 231. If your value is lower, then there is indeed something wrong.

I recommend going for 30 points in Encumbrance.

Here’s three images that are at two links on imgur :
Two images - /a/478LTG7
One image - /a/UEhEhZg

What do you think?

None of those screenshots show the number I was talking about. It’s displayed on the attributes screen but you cut it out of the image.

You are carrying some heavy stuff though. The poison orbs, aloe extract, explosive and ambrosia adds up to 67.5 by themselves. I imagine your armor is pretty heavy too.

Here’s a full screenshot of the Attributes.


Yeah your encumbrance is fine. You’re just carrying heavy stuff. Go for 30 Encumbrance and use armor reduction kits on heavy armor. In the screenshots below the heavy armor I’m wearing normally weighs 85.06; armor reduction kits dropped it to 51.05, which is lighter than medium armor. You can also use warpaint to raise your primary stat to free up more points for other stats. In my screenshot you can see that I’m using war paint plus armor stat bonuses to reach my trait goals.

The points you have in survival are mostly wasted, I’d move them to encumbrance. (Carry berry pulp for water instead of water skins. A stack of pulp totals 5,000 units of water, equal to 20 water skins but lighter than 2 water skins.) For food I carry a stack of Hearty Stew. They give 100 food, 20 water and 100 health. With food like that, you can ditch the heavy potions and ambrosia - food is the best method of healing both in and out of combat. Survival points are useless with such good food and drink, unless you’re going for specific traits.

How can I adjust Attributes? At one point there was a button to wipe them out so you can make new ones, but that seems to have been removed. I looked for a clue on gamepedia and didn’t see anything.

Just make some yellow lotus potions. All you need is the lotus and a cauldron.
They reset all your points.

Whenever you go out to farm lots of materials, use a yellow lotus potion and get level 50 Encumbrance to be able to move at full speed no matter how much you’re carrying. Also 20 in Survival to be able to gather faster.
Then just reset your points again when you get back to base and go back to your normal build.

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It looks like the clan/weapons bug in PVE coop PC, where weapons disappear when they run, has been fixed.

Adjusting for encumbrance as suggested by Ex Nihiloish seems to help. - thanks!

First person gaming seems to have become worse. This needs to be worked on, 3rd person games are awful - in my opinion. I don’t need to constantly see how wonderful my character looks, I like to be in the action!