Charactter transfer question and encumberance builds

Question: When transfering characters, I understand that the encumberance armor helps in that it’s always active and providing bonus. However what about encumberance weapons? Can I equip encumberance weapons to increase my load and will that transfer over into the new server or will I start with the weapon sheathed and error out in the transfer since I would be over-encumbered without holding the weapon?

If you are talking about theb5th perk. It won’t matter. The limit is based on total weight and not being above 99%. The perk just removes the penalties for being overemcumbered, not the status itself.


Yes, you can. I transferred once while holding a Baal-pteor’s Razor for extra enc and it worked. Upon arrival you will be over-encumbered with the weapon un-equipped.


Nope. Talking about being up to 81 encumb. when transfering. Bearer pack +5; boots of serpent +9; Torso, legs, and hands epic light, +6; a weapon that gives +5 (strange mace?) and then warpaint +3, and potion +3. 50+31=81 encumb. Before doing that though, I wanted confirmation that it can go through because I know you start off the game without a weapon in hand and with Kent’s confirmation, it is looking like the level of encumberance is dictated by the initial value when leaving the old server vs the level you are in while entering the new.

Okay, so it is still a total weight thing,. Every lb counts lol.

yep. By my calculation an extra 567 weight can be carried (7X enc value)

plus 10% (with perk). So the sword adds 38 lbs. worth it.

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