Dont Kill the game before its launch


Realy ??? REALY ??? this is the recomended (weaker than recomended) equipment to walk in pvp (updated to new itens), but when i see that i was in 102% of weight, i just could say REALY ???


Huh? All that I can understand is that you’re upset you’re overburdened, when you’re carrying two different sets of armor, and pretty much every weapon or tool you could ever need. You shouldn’t bring that into PvP, unless you’re okay with losing it all…


I would never ever take obsidian tools with me in pvp :scream:
and 100 ambrosia :open_mouth:
when my clan is crossing your way you will be a good loot :smiling_imp:


It is what i ever used in server who i played (not the same tools obviously the the same kind of items) and with 22 points in weight it was near 47%, it is a build who you use in pvp, not for you raid someone but to travel the map, or you think you will go to places like ice and desert with same armor ? if you have a clan of 10 maybe you not need it all but when you play in 2 you need


i used obsidian as example, but if you will raid with a trebuchet you will need those kind of tools, and if your clan cross my way will not end well for you like happened with rest of others who did it…


Touche - we will see, once you will also find your master


dude you trying find some fight when im bringing a real problem, the weight of things are ridiculous, you cant even carry materialif you go to a dungeon you need get similar stuff, im here to talk about this problem, but the things get better when dont exist a fur armor who protect you from freezing mainly cause all have 5 points of protection from cold in max and that you take damage in extremaly cold and freezing now


I am not sure, but I remember there is an issue about the fur armor and cold protection on testlive. When they know, they will fix it for the upcoming live update before the release. Nevertheless I wouldnt carry so much stuff with me. Also I like the idea that you will be forced to take care of your weight. There is no thrill and no fun when you can heal yourself endlessly with huge amounts of ambrosia, meat, etc… You would need a truck for this in real life.


I agree that encomberance probably needs to be tweaked a little, but not so you can carry every weapon that existed into battle. If its affecting you for PvP then its affecting everyone else and you and everyone else are going to have to choose wisely


Rave! The player should not carry so many things, there is a backpack and slaves.


Howdy. If you sacrifice 5 ambrosia and use the reduction kit on your armors, you get to 99%. This is, like you, with the +3 Enc warpaint.

I wanted to point out the second set of Flawless Heavy Vanir from the Admin Panel has a much higher armor value than in-game. The set you can craft in-game is the one I have on now.


You’re not meant to carry all that stuff mate. What on earth do you need all that ambrosia for? I take 20 at most and only two weapons.


just…fuggin lol at this guy…seriouslly??? the title is hilarious in it’s hubris. So because YOU cant carry all the random stuff you want into combat the game is going to “die before launch”? drop one stack of ambrosia and quit boohooing all over the forums.


Like a Caddy Thrall?

You say to your thrall, “That Rhino looks like its about the charge. Hand me the long sword.”
He says, “Well, let’s see. There’s this Dafari sword, an iron broad sword, a Stygian khopesh, a cutlass, a falcata,… Stay with me, sir. I’m still looking.”
Impatient, you say, “Come on. He’s going to see us any moment now.”
Still digging through his backpack, he says, “Oh, this could work. You want the hardened steel pike instead?”
And you reply, “Oh, yes, you’re right. Give me the hardened steel pike and back up about ten steps. I don’t want to get blood all over your sandals.”


looks like nobody understood the meaning of it, some catched the point, the question is not one or tw stacks of ambrosia, the question is you get it all, maybe you drp some weapons or some ambrosia ok you will get what 80% , i used to get 22 points in weight and with it was was 47%, weight was on green, now is on red, why i will take a pick or anything else if will cant use, the point is you not have weight for nothing


The point is not the 102% or 99% the point is the i need 32 points where i used to need 22 and with 22 i carried it all in 47% it gave me space if i find a thrall or some resource who is needed and more rare, if i go to a dungeon in a boss, or many other things, i will need be everytime with a thrall who will slow me cause can be stuck or die easly to some animal or player, the weight balance is terrible and people refuse to see it


you is too limited to understand the meaning of the post ? congratulations captain obvious to say that if i drop a stack of ambrosia i will can walk, now go to a walk arround a map and find a legendary thrall who you need in exactly other side of map from your base, after it, enjoy the way rolling back to base.


If you are raiding, then you likely have multiple people. Spread out the load or have a mule character with the 5th encumbrance perk. There’s a new meta for attacking bases and dungeons. You have to find it.

Everyone suggesting a thrall for carrying are off the mark however. Like no one does that for PVP. That’s great for maybe some mining and the like but not actual confrontations. Unless you’ve offline raiding, but even then its risky.


I suggest you to play other games that let you carry all the stuff you want, dragons, dinos, mounts, countless weapons and all the sort of things. This is Hyboria and all Conan fans want it to be the most closest to it possible.

You should be thankful for FC letting you already carry that much.

ps* Game is classified as Survival.


So at least your concern is about:
Prepared for a PvP-raid (in your special case of a base in a northern Biome) you still want to be able to harvest rare materials (let’s say starmetal) or take a legendary thrall to enslave when you have the chance… but you won’t be because you are now overencumbred and can’t carry the things (200 Ambrosia, 50 meat…) you think you nead them to be save and successful in PvP-raid. And this is annoying you because you want both: to be save in PvP and to be able to carry more stuff additionally.
I really think, that when this case you like to have would be possible, then it will be gamebreaking.