Encumbrnace balance

It’s a bit OP specking into ENC and farming with multiple picks - Massive farm runs are great, but there should be a bit more drawback past a certain point! It could be made a bit more interesting by adding more downsides to the % over enc - at a certain point, increase fall damage where eg. you’re 500% over - you take 2x fall damage and so on… at 1000x over you could start taking a DOT ‘exhaustion’.

This way, you could make more inventory items stack to higher numbers, focusing on % of encumbrance rather than inventory space, in turn reducing the clutter, the amount of clicking and our chances of developing RSI IRL! :wink:

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  • heck how about heatstroke at % X so the way to battle it is to drink insane amounts of water or ice tea etc

Thirst already drains higher with alot of weight.
I play mostly offline, I set carry to 195 from 75 base or whatever. Cause Quality of Life. XD

You already give up alot of stats for enc run, I don’t see point of punishing it more? You would just make more targets in pvp, and it wont effect pve much. Outside one guy who rolls off ledge get away form wolf maybe 1 time. XD

To me anyway… Gameplay > Real life.

If were gonna punish farming, why not have tree fall over and require them to be axe into pieces and carried back as logs? Or make a camel pull cart?
To much punishment is just… ugh. I want a no hand holding game that hard as much as next person. But… gameplay has to win over realism and punishment. XD


I’m on a pvp server, speced full encumb and in less than 30min I can farm the mats I need for a whole week - It’s just a little ridiculous when you’re at over 1000x encumbrance and no real drawbacks other than the basics, especially when you have a pet with you! The danger of enc spec in pvp is fun, but there could be more to it to make it interesting as I said above :slight_smile:

I highly doubt you can farm all the resources you need in a week on pvp. Pvp is an endless battle I can farm 100k iron and need more, I can farm 20k reptile hide and need more. I can farm 5k steel bars and need more.

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The reason I love features that are based on realism over typical game logic is because it is ruthless and remorseless toward everyone. We gain a platform to test our reasoning too and this also benefits everyone in the long run. One of the best things is that there are no relatively long imbalance windows either.

It’s quite easy since the runs are so quick!

For you? I work 12 hrs a day, I don’t need anything to hold me back from grinding, no thanks.

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Have you tried a different server? If you lack time, you may want to try out a server that has greater resource yield and faster crafting pace.

I think only server I found with setting I liked was a private one I rented and offline singleplayer.

To many options that can be tweaked, and never be happy. XD

Which is part of issue at play with few of suggestion threads… you can not make everyone happy. =(
(which Is likely why every idea I posted, despite all likes, dies) cries in corner

I have a simple principle I go by:

“We cannot make anyone happy as long as we don’t ask them what makes them happy; then provide them, within the limitations of time and space.”

Go full encumbrance, 2 points in survival, take a fighter thrall with you for defense and 3 obsidian picks. 30min you’ll have all the building resources you’d want for the week.

So wait, this is really a thread complaining that we can carry too much crap back to camp with us?

Maybe if you want to balance things you should suggest that purges happen more regally? (Especially for lone wolf players…) Farming obscene amounts of materials would probably be less of a benefit if you end up burning through them to fix your base on a regular basis…

Why two?

Oh my… :exploding_head:

for the faster gather - i mean second talent not 2 points :wink: mb!

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Roger that. :smile:

The encumbrance isn’t broken, the resource yield is, you get about 400 star metal from one ore, and around 134 per metal ore which is rediculous I can fill up almost 3 kilns in one run. Maybe not look at the encumbrance issue, and the resource yield issue because I feel like i best the game within a matter of a week just farming stuff on multiplayer, and even though I lack time, I guarantee I gather more resources than most players on my server lol, we built 3 entire bases in a week. You shouldn’t come back from a black ice run with 6k black ice, a metal run with 20k metal, or 10k megas 5k bark, 5k stone etc how ever you do your runs, should be harder to obtain materials.

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I haven’t experienced a meteor shower yet so I don’t really have anything to say about star metal nodes, but from commonly found nodes that yield other resources, I’d say there’s a plenty indeed.

One should be able to adjust the yield though. Are you sure there ain’t suitable servers that offer yields to your liking? Have you tried to make your own?

I find the whole attribute system a bit outdated so I haven’t been so keen on details about what it handles well enough (at least I think :laughing:). I’m sure it performs well, though I prefer those that aren’t so… structurally loose, a run-over.

I disagree. I doesn’t matter that raw resources like stones woods, metal ore, etc… are easy to gather by thousands in one run; As long as the resources needed to transform them in materials for the highest tier crafts aren’t very easy to obtain.
180 000 stones are useless is you don’t plan to make T3 building parts. Then you’ll need an awful huge amount of ichor and tar to craft stone consolidant and steellfire. Both resource that are a lot less easy to obtain than raw stones

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I’d like to see over-encumbrance reduce the amount of stamina you have depending on how much you’re carrying MUCH MORE than it does now. It’s OP that when you’re getting raided you can just spec into max encumbrance and grit and run away with your entire base on just a few people. With just grit and encumbrance, people running normal combat builds still can’t catch them despite the fact that they’re 600% encumbered. Make it so carrying that much more than you should be able to actually cripples you in a way.

This doesn’t affect your grinding because swinging a pick doesn’t lower stamina