Melee raiding structures/Encumbrance

Can we go back to the way things were? We were happier people back then.

Being able to destroy any kind of structure with a weapon seems to completely defeat the point of having a base. It completely removes the necessity of siege items and weapons are just too easy to come by for them to have that sort of power.

I get the door. Being able to ax through a T1 wooden door(HERE’S JOHNNY!) makes perfect sense. Ripping through rock walls does not. If like… door rams or other siege items were introduced in addition to the bombs and treb, then fine. Preparations would have to be made, and depending on weight requirements, someone might have to spec into encumbrance to carry the thing.

Also, I’ve grown in opposition of the final encumbrance perk. Simply put, that stacked with the current state of weapons vs structures is totally cheese. Hours and hours of work can be completely undone by a single player with an encumbrance build and a couple of swords. Not to mention players ranting about being able to carry 40-60k iron ore at a time. Like wtf? There should be some relief in having a base. The alphas should be forced to work for each and every raid. That’s what makes raiding so special and fun, right?

These are just my thoughts. I’m sure plenty will disagree. I’ll continue to experiment with ridiculously complex base builds until then.

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I am of a like mind that there should be a hard cap on over-encumbrance. Otherwise those fancy new Bearer thralls might have little to no impact on gameplay.

But what is a good cap? 200%? 400% before you stop moving altogether? The perk would still have to be worthwhile for a single player out harvesting resources, but not so good that a raider would think to spend that many points.

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I’m not one for raiding, as i like to gather my own resources for purpose (hence why i use the 50 encumbrance perk). I don’t trust the bearer thralls to survive some of the dangers i can, so they are useless to me. I use the perk for long resource gathering trips around the map for various items. However, I can see this being VERY detrimental to someone being raided. Instead of picking and choosing what they steal, they just take it all…

The change to having someone be able to destroy t3 with weapons is sad… It takes many hours to gather and craft resources and then they can destroy excellent defences with minor tools to get to your hard work. People were complaining about orbs being able to destroy t3, and instead of removing that, they made it even easier to destroy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I know it takes time, but it’s much less time than the actual gathering and crafting that gets stolen…

I understand t1 being broken by steel or better, and even t2 from better than hardened steel, but t3 should be left to explosives and trebuchets.


For blitzing, the superencumbering is a necessity. Otherwise you start presenting obvious “trade routes” to the enemy.

If I recall correctly, the Devs said via Tweeter that they intend for only star metal to damage T3. What would you think about that?

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I’m not opposed to the 50 encumbrance perk and could go either way with it. It sure makes my life easier, but there’s always exploiters. Kind of like the servers where you ‘do not drop items on death’, it can be used to transport goods from the north to the noob river base in seconds, which is kind of crazy, as that option was more set in place to deter griefing and satisfy the mmo crowd, than meant to fast travel.

Star metal makes sense, as you won’t have people under level 20 breaking down walls to get your resources (and it takes a lot of resources and grind to make). I would hope they make t2 hardened steel then, for similar reasons (and at least iron for t1).

I assume the reason for adding in damage to t2 and t3 was for the npc’s in the Purge. A better alternative would be to give some npc’s the use of orbs, or on a grander scale (probably much harder to code) the ability to drag/build a trebuchet to use against player bases.

Being over-encumbered has a really minimal effect on harvesting, if you build right next to the nodes you want. Clanmates and I have walked across the desert, over the northern border, and into the snowy tundra while overencumbered. Encumbrance doesn’t really affect “full raids”, where you’re getting into every crafting station an enemy has.

It could be changed so that there is a hard cap on the amount of loot hauled. I’d suggest making all overencumbered dodges heavy dodges. That would have made our cross-map hauls a whole lot harder.

I’d like to see:

  • T1 destroyed by Iron (or Stone Warhammer) (Early-game is the best time to learn the mechanics and consequences of raiding)
  • T2 destroyed by Hardened Steel (or Steel Warhammer)
  • T3 destroyed by Star Metal (or Hardened Steel Warhammer)

Warhammer should be equivalent to the tier above, for raiding purposes.