Combine encumbrance and strength please

Hello all,

Im tired of drinking yellow lotus potions every time I want to carry rocks. In real life, i am very strong. In real life, i can carry more rocks than anyone you know lol. Would it be crazy for strength to make you hit harder AND carry more?

The game has been out enough to trim some fat from the perks and stats chart.


But but…Stats wont spell out Savages anymore!


Holy [email protected], does it?

Damn… i was gonna say that… mabey combine str and enc. Add a new skill called enchantment so magic can be added!


Winner winner chicken dinner. XD

I guess counter is… It pulls from people splitting stats more.

Or make 1st few point of Enc worth more. So 1/5 perks worth is 100 more carry weight, and then after is 5+ or something.

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I used to just keep lotus potions on me… but they spoil now.

In all seriousness though, Strength and Encumbrance are probably the two most useful/powerful attributes in the game. Combining them into one would simply make a single must-have attribute rather than balancing between them. Probably be better to roll Encumbrance and Grit together if we added Enchantment to allow for both Sandal memes and stay SAVAGES.


The point you make is the reason i think they need to be combined. In order to have any fun in the game you have to flop between encumbrance and strength. In PvP, all you need is encumbrance and grit, so combining strength and encumbrance wouldn’t damage the balance there since strength is obsolete. To have fun in dungeons you need strength, so whenever you’re done building you pretty much have to change your stats.

I would like to choose to be a barbarian and just stay that way, not having to jump from barbarian to builder and then back. To fix the balancing issue, make using pole arms rely on accuracy or agility. THEN to metagame you would have to consider if you want to poke people with sticks or carry bombs


Has my vote.
I didnt notice the SAVAGES acronym before thats neat but I’ll deal without it for a more RPG(logical) element.

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Not the perks, but the system. Perks are… well, some of them are good. It would be better if we had sliders and an extremity at each end. Sliding left would bring benefits unless you go too close to the extreme and the opposite direction would reward us with benefits too, but just the opposite ones, with an opposite extremity as well. Of course the attributes may need changes to their names.

Similar how the personality traits worked in both Divinity Original Sins 1 and 2, except here they would have more divisions each and they would be about main stats directly.


For example

Short - - | - - Tall
Wide - - | - - Narrow
Bulky - - | - - Thin
Heavy - - | - - Light

Figuratively speaking each direction gives benefits until we get to an end extreme which makes us eventually either drown or suffocate. Both result in the same fate, but destiny is just different based on which direction we favour.

S trength
A gility
V itality
A ccuracy
G rit
E ncumberance
S urvival

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No need to drink yellow lotus just for the attributes, have an potion just for that.

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I am in partial agreement with you here buddy. Im not really in favor of a merger, primarily because we would have to decide which of the 5 out the 10 perks would end up on the chopping block. BUT, I would like to see Encumberance get overhauled. For every point we sink into it, it should net us a lot more carry weight than it actually does. For example, Im up to the third perk ‘Pack Mule’, and when I set of with my weapons, tools, provisions and medium armour, Im already at around 60-65% encumbered before I even walk out the door. Around 55…ish with light armour.

I believe that for each point or ‘tick’ we put on Encumberance, it should raise the total carry weight percentage by more than it currently does. I hope this post makes sense.


Yet another attribute tree that may stumble because it has a nice acronym. :laughing:

Looks nice, but I’ve been there already. Did that and learned my lesson from it. The pay ain’t worth the cost. Of course it would be a sneaky detail, giving a smile here and there, but we can go on without it if it becomes a hindrance.

They don’t have to. Not necessarily. However, I’m all in for those that give trivial benefits. We can tweak these to fit our needs at the server settings. What I’m interested about are those that show deeper personality. What we feel like fits our character.

Please no. Talk about ruining the game. The game is pretty easy. You are just asking for more stat points. You want the best of both worlds, you want to be able to carry more and hit harder.
Using a yellow lotus point to swap back and forth all the time is the worst kind of metagaming. The Devs certainly shouldn’t alter the game around those that want to minmax that way.

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I agree completely. Which is weird because your stance is against my suggestion. The min max metagaming and yellow lotus spamming suck. I actually found a perfect balance as of right now, but still feel the game can be balanced better to ensure people can have fun using different tactics rather than the grit spear encumbrance metagaming set up.

You Know what I mean? Like, if a set up with the katana could be just as effective as the spear metagamer, and pose a new tactic to face.

Right now i crush my enies and npcs with encumbrance grit strength and survival, the first three about equal then first perk in survival, and i rely on the spear in pvp combat.

I just wish i could use a different weapon in pvp and still be effective

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Can you elaborate further? :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think they need to be combined, and the yellow lotus timer makes sense in a survival game. It is not just a pvp nerf. I think it was realized people were hoarding yet another material that is not really used as much as one thinks.

But to counter meta gaming, their needs to be more atts tied to weapons stuff. Accuracy is already tied to Bows, but what about tying the different weapons to a 4th perk on the other stats. Thus making the way you spec gives you some coutner to the cheesey meta builds.

2H —Strength–more 50% damage
1H, Daggers—Agility–hyper armor on 1st strikes of heavy and light attackes.
Bows, throwing axes–Accuracy—as is
Axe , Mace–Grit—50% less stamina per attack
Hammer–Encumberance–50 % less stamina per attack
Javelin,Pole Arms–Survival–(nerf current damage), then have a 50% damage per hit


I again agree completely! Where as combining the two would put players into a build where they could experiment more with the other attributes (accuracy is in my mind, it being the most often dumped stat) it still doesn’t fix the metagaming mold that is there.

Tying ALL of the types of weapons to a different stat, not just bows to accuracy and everything else to strength, would be the best way to break up the monotony of the combat system. That and a sprint attack for all of the weapons.

Right now, as long as you can outrun your opponent the spear will win due to reach and speed. And balanced right, you can have a perfect pvp build where you can carry a trebuchet, run forever, and weild a spear. I would like to see that busted up by making the spear rely on accuracy. Id even carry a bow if it did!

Then give the other weapons a sprint attack. That would allow closing on enemies with the sacrifice of stamina, rather than one person swinging a sword and the other simply walking in the opposite direction and effectively dodging it while regaining stamina… To stab you with a spear!

Make each weapon useful or even EQUAL, Tie the weapons each to a different attribute and you would see a colorful breakup of the metagaming.

Dark souls is a good example of that done magically, leaving the weapons quite equal and allowing players to find a style that works best for them.


I like your idea for the jav and pole arms in survival, another dump stat that would gain great use!

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