Encumbrance/carry limit in server move


So what’s the latest on what the encumbrance carry limit for the server move?

I tried to follow the huge thread but it got tough to follow.

I’ve read that the encumbrance limit from the character transfers won’t be in place.

But what does this actually mean?

For instance:

  1. 200 object slots - this is the max and ot changing, right?
  2. So will we be able to take all 200 object slots of stuff?
  3. Is there a weight limit that could happen before these 200 limit gets hit? Like say I take 200 full stacks of stone or something lol


  1. Yes. (plus 8 hotbar slots and 5 armor slots)
  2. Yes.
  3. Nope.

If you have the final perk in the Encumbrance attribute you can have all 213 slots filled no matter weight and still run and walk at normal speeds. This is what players are calling an “Encumbrance Build”. Careful though, if you get on a horse the horse will be over encumbered - unable to run or jump.

Previously, you were not allowed to transfer if you were encumbered. Remember, the final perk in Encumbrance doesn’t prevent you from being encumbered… it just mitigates the penalties incurred. You can transfer without that perk but you will be walking reeeeely reeeely slow once you get to the new server. :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thanks for the info :+1:


One minor detail more is that this server transfer “over encumbered” will be done only by admins the date of the server closure, you cannot do it alone before. If you want to change server alone then the over encumbered is not possible.


Good point! Thanks


Genial, entonces podemos cargarnos al máximo no? Tengo muchísimas cosas que llevarme

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I tried to translate your post.
If I understand right you have a lot to carry? If you play on Playstation I volunteer to log in to your server, join your clan and help you transfer 200 + more stacks to your new server.
Or you can tell me to which server you will be transferred so I can go there and prepare you a small base so you can come and settle your things.
Ofcurce everything I will prepare it will be yours after that, because I will join your clan and then disband my self from it.
If you play on Playstation, I wait for your response.

Juego en pc, pero mi pregunta es, van a activar la carga máxima para que podamos llevarnos todo, o va a estar limitado las ranuras

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@Dzonatas, @CodeMage , I beg for your help in this conversation. I use phone translation to talk with @Calypso3 and I assume the problems of our fellow exile.
Can you please help? Thank you.

Can’t…remember. They lock the servers from new entries when the notice is up. If you don’t have a character in that server, there is no way in now.

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No podrás tomar más de los 200 espacios de inventario que tienes en el inventario máximo de tu personaje. Han declarado que no ajustarán esto.

You will not be able to take more than the 200 inventory slots that you have in your character’s max inventory. They have stated that they will not adjust this.

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Thank you I didn’t knew that. That means that only option 2 is available.
In any case @Calypso3 forgive my English.
If you try to transfer server on your own, you can carry 99% of encumbrance.
If you wait the transfer to be done by admins you can carry all your inventory, even 10.000% encumbrance and more. Your only limit is your inventory that it is something more than 200 slots. But you have to wait admins to do that.
Now in a question what will happen to your body since you do not know exactly the time of this action by admins, the answer is encouraging since your body will not spawn to the new server unless you log in to the new server. So build full encumbrance and wait admins is your best option. Good luck :+1:t6:

Correcto. Lo que si cabe agregar es que van a desactivar el limite de peso, asi que podrán llevarse todo lo que les quepa en el inventario sin estar restringidos por sobrecarga de peso.

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Yeah and that is why it’s a bigger deal now. If I could pop in and transfer normal, then I would have been done by now getting all of my stuff out but I had about a week or two delay when they locked it down last time. I did get one small load out during the lock release last week (I swear Crom just loves me…the same time they opened it back up, my Siptah base got wiped including the sigils of the drowned I had on the ready). So I got 2.5 loads by normal server transfer rules out from the time of initial announcement to the current situation and have the ability to load up two characters for when they make the switch. Still…loosing sooooo much stuff but at least some of the initial pain is lessened.

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Perfecto pero lo van a desactivar ya, podemos movernos nosotros ya sin estar limitados de peso, o hay que esperar que ellos nos muevan?

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Buena pregunta. La verdad es que a mi no me quedó claro. Quizás alguien acá sepa la respuesta.

Does anyone here know if you can transfer on your own, while overencumbered, from a server-to-be-merged? Or do you have to load up all your gear into your inventory and then log off and wait for them to merge the server?

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From what i understand, you gotta wait for them to move the character and inventory. However I haven’t tested this because of fear that I will loose one of my “mules” in the process.


We did it over encumbered, if this is intended. I dunno. I’ve never done a transfer prior to moving off my server due to the shut down. We moved from Exile to Siptah.



Thank you for responding. You cannot travel alone over encumbered, you have to wait admins to do it, you can travel only 99%,but without buffs because they get lost in the transfer and you cause issues to your transfer. So it is best to wait admins to do the transfer

Que significa sin beneficios?