Server transfer question

So my server is getting shut down on the 16th of march. Apparently the “encumbrance” rule DOESN’T apply here so can I just stuff the hell out of my character and just be over encumbered during the switch or will that not work? Also I read clan leaders can’t be transferred??? Or is that just a rule for normal transfers since I don’t have a choice?

That’s the current state of affairs. If you transfer early, then it’s subject to the normal transfer rules. When the time comes, you can be 6,000% overencumbered and still be transferred when the official move is completed.


Bet. I heard there was something about having a max amount of inventory slots? Like you can only transfer 200 items not including equiped and hotbar or something? Or is that only for regular transfers? If I could take my whole base (it’s only 3 5×5 rooms stacked) that would be dope. Still bummed I might lose my spot and all my thralls.

There is a slot limit to the character inventory. I dunno what it is but 200 sounds close to correct. After that 200 is occupied you can’t pick up or transfer anything more to the character inventory - so obviously you can’t server transfer with more than that either. But that’s it. That’s the only limit. So make sure you’re using full stacks to occupy the spaces and take all the most time-expensive items. For thralls you can bring all the bench workers and any thralls, pets or mounts that haven’t been previously placed (ie. if you can put them in your inventory you can transfer with them). I think I would bring all my benches with too - or at least all the high tier ones that require higher processed materials to construct - like if the bench just needs 100 stones and 200 wood then forget it, but if it need 100 hardened brick etc. then I would bring it. I think I would also bring a mount & saddle too so you don’t have to wait so long to be extra-mobile.

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