Servers transferts, best encumbrance build (+21 inside)?


I am looking for the best encumbrance build, with base game items (not DLC) and no legendary items.

Actually I can have 50 + 21 = 4 650 stones in weight.

Armors are crafted with t4 armorer.

50 points in encumbrance
Bearer pack +5
medium harness +2
silent legion light gauntlets +3
medium tasset +2
silent legion medium boots +3
potion encumbrance +3
warpaint encumbrance +3

Is it possible to use potions and warpaints for servers transferts?

Who can do better? :slight_smile:

Baal-Pteor’s Razor (legendary chest two-handed sword) adds +5 enc while equipped and weighs zero. Don’t know how having it equipped might function during transfer, however, so it may not be of use to you.

Edit: And I’m an idiot who missed your point about ‘no legendary items’ - please ignore me, I’ll go and hide in a corner…

School girl outfit all the way :slight_smile:


+3 each

Why not wear light chestpiece and light wrap to reduce weight more? It give the same bonus stat as the medium one.

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Thanks for your proposition, but I already use medium in game so I take it with me :slight_smile:

The in keepers pants and shirt gives each +3 enc ehen crafted with named armourer.
Also bearer pack crafted in grandmaster armour bench adds +6 and do not forget to craft em with the armourer that reduces weight , and add further weight reduction kits for maximum capacity upon transfer…

Edit: Aaaaand u said non dlc … XD…

So i can either enter to craft u in keepers xd or u r right!!! :smiley:

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