Server Transfer Essentials!

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A clanmate and myself have been talking about server transferring somewhere a bit more quiet, however with the encumbrance limit there is only so much we can take and we’re on the fence about what we should take. (We are transferring from EL to EL)

We are already at max encumbrance with +29 ENC on top of that. (Without potions or warpaint).
+6: Bearer Pack.
+9: Boots of the Serpent.
+3: Inn-keepers Vestments.
+3: Inn-keepers Pants.
+3: Silent Legion Light Gauntlets.
+5: Baal-Pteors Razor.

So my question is:
What do you consider your essentials when transferring to a brand new server?
Is your list of essentials different based on the kind of server your transferring to? For example, would you take anything different if you were transferring to a quiet/low pop server compared to a med/high pop server that sees a lot more action?


Because this one is a madman, they like to jump into a server naked as the day they first spawned.

That said, for others, this one suggests loading in with a 50 encumbrance build, all the named crafters possible, an Accursed Berserker ready to be placed, a full kit for them and for yourself, and as much refined eldarium and sigils of the fiend as possible after packing all the craft fundamentals. Also, wear the most defensive gear one can move in, to buy a second or two of survival in the face of getting load fragged.
A horse and saddle aren’t a bad idea, but they sometimes don’t like being burdened.

Oh, and focus on transferring from Siptah to Exiled Lands. Better gear to bring.

If transferring from EL to Siptah, there’s less to worry about. Obsidian and Khari steel are easy to get once you know where they are and there just aren’t really resources that are exclusive to the Exiled Lands that even vaguely matter on Siptah. Once you have your recipes, you are set. At most bring any named crafters and a ready to place Dalinsia, Theimos, or Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker and their gear. Again, run a high encumbrance build, but the diversity of spawn points on Siptah makes a successful entry much higher.

High pop or low pop doesn’t matter.
What matters is whether an ambush is camped waiting for you. And without engaging in naughtiness, it is very hard to know unless you have a friend already there.


Isn’t it +5?

But if made with a t4 armorer, dore it get+1?

For my list…shield armorer, durability black smith, t4 taskmaster, and teimos. Truncheon, eldarium pickaxe, VF gladius and shield, stack of eldarium, 100 steel reinforcement, 200 wooden planks, and fill the rest with harden brick.

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Yeah if you make it with a named armorer you get a +1 bonus to the bearer pack, same with the inn-keepers gear I think.


For essentials I say a named blacksmith, named alchemist, named armorer, named fighter, horse. Convert all of your gold and silver into coins, that’s the most efficient way to take them with you while saving on weight. Also take a couple chests with you so when you get there you can immediately plop everything into the storage and not worry about dying with everything on you. If you’re on PvP switching to another PvP maybe enough T3 pieces to make a small but for temp protection. Also whatever your main fighting kit is you should also have, with maybe two sets of the weapons.

Any fragments of power as well, they’re pretty light. After that basically any other conveniences you can carry. I’d prioritize named crafter thralls since they can take the longest to acquire if you’re not planning on camping thrall spawns daily.

Basically don’t take anything you can get easily right off the bat. Priorities should be bringing things that either take a long time to get or cost a lot of resources but aren’t heavy.

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leave the eldarium behind and collect as many stacks of scraps as you can gather. each scrap is 5 eldarium in the furnace and weighs way less in raw form.

edit: way/weigh >.<


Same here, yep!

The restrictions imposed by official server transfers make the process kinda useless for anything other than the essentials (yourself, armor, weapons, a horse & saddle, and maybe a barer thrall). If there’s enough weight the other thing I would bring would be the parts for a T3 base - build it on your source server first (in the same location if possible) then disassemble it and see it you’re still unencumbered. When you get to the destination server put it back together.

I do between 5 and 20 “transfers” per day but without any limitations and only between three private servers running a server transfer plug-in (mod). That makes it actually useful and ties the maps together as one. It takes about 15 to 30 seconds to do the transfer and typically anyone from that server who may wish to follow me through to wherever I went can do so. It’s like a portal. So because the destination is known it addresses a lot of concerns people have with official transfers. If the Admin wishes it, players can also transfer to and from their personal Siptah Base, their personal EL Base, and their personal Savage Winds Base. Great for mule-ing stuff from base to base.

For those not in the know, here’s what that looks like:

In about eight hours from this post’s timestamp YouTube will have processed a 1440p version for better full screen viewing.


You can replace Inn-keepers Vestments/Pants with primitive Chestpiece/Skirt, same stats for encumbrance but better armor. With potion and warpaint → +35.

With 3 accounts, you can transfer everything you need :slight_smile:

(Thralls, armors, weapons, ressources …)


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