Royal Gear Craftable From Inventory

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 95349/17735
Problem: Misc
Crash dump link:

I just noticed that I can craft two sets of royal gear directly from my inventory, one using perfected linings, the other normal. I’m not sure when or where I unlocked these recipes, there’s no icon for it under Feats.

Repro steps:

You learned it from pre-ordering the digital game/playing in early access.

Interesting, thanks. Seems strange that it’s craftable from the inventory though, yet the parts it’s made from require armorer’s tables. This makes it more expensive than other armors since you don’t get a cost reduction from thralls, which sucks since this set is actually weaker than any other medium armor.

I’m fine with the low damage reduction because you get this just for plunking down money. Otherwise there would be no reason to wear any of the other armors in the game. Plus you would have an unfair advantage because you can wear this armor at the same time as the tier one armors that anyone who DIDN’T purchase the game in EA will be stuck with.

Yeah it’s fine that it’s weaker. The armor value is on par with flawless medium of the same tier, but it has lower stat bonuses. My point is that there’s an inconsistency and balance issue with it not being crafted on the armorer’s table.

Well it is though kinda. You have to craft part of it on the armourer table so it is 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other.

The fact it is so much light means that compared to medium armour which has a Encumbrance bonus I actually am less encumbered and can carry more wearing the Royal Armour as it is so much lighter. It isn’t as durable but it looks a bit nicer, gives more protection, is lighter and better to mine mats in. It is almost OP’d… and honestly after 300 hours of bugs, arrows in hands, falling out of the sky to my death at log in, falling through the world and loosing awesome looted gear, building bugs, server resets, Thralls falling through the earth, Chinese exploiters and all the other things we had to deal with… I’m ok with something that is a slightly op with a durability draw back…

Edit - it has higher durability… what are you boys talking about with it being weaker?
Also the armour takes a lot of iron.

It is a nice little thank you from Funcom… or that is how i’m taking it.

The defense is equal to flawless medium armor but due to the encumbrance bonus of +9, medium armor basically has negative weight and is lighter than royal. I was saying that it’s weaker due to less stat bonuses.

With Medium Armour paired down to lower the weight of it, I have an encumbrance of 42 with the royal armour I have a encumbrance of 35. with just my other equipment on.

The inferiority isn’t what I was trying to get fixed. It should be crafted on the bench was my point.

It’s definitely better than regular medium but it’s inferior to flawless, which has the same armor value, so it should be on par with it in regards to stat bonuses. The +9 from flawless medium is worth a lot more points than the +5 from royal, so overall it’s inferior in this regard.

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Compared to regular medium (which gives the +1 for me anyway) it seems like a win win…

If it is a bug I don’t want it reported lol :smiley:

Oops. My above post was supposed to be a reply to your last one. I guess I accidentally edited another comment.

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