Conarium - A H.P Lovecraft inspired game

Conarium is a Lovecraftian horror adventure video game, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novella At The Mountains of Madness.[1][2] The game was developed by Turkish game development studio Zoetrope Interactive, published by Dutch indie game publisher Iceberg Interactive, and was released in June 2017. The game draws inspiration from the Great Race of Yith: cosmic travelers from Lovecraft’s story A Shadow out of Time .


Might give it a go, although I already have a big “to play” backlog :slight_smile:

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I get big TSW/SWL vibes from it. You can almost see it in how it looks and see how SWL could have looked if it was done on this engine.

The Park didn’t appeal to me. No walking simulator types do.
Also, anything in the first person POV has a habit of producing motion sickness.
I totally see the potential for VR in Conarium, The Park and any other First Person game i guess.

I posted this coz initially when i saw it i thought it was new.
Didn’t realise it was from 2017 - which is also when Moons of Madness came about too
(although i thought i saw MoM earlier than 2017)
EDIT: Interestingly i found this on it’s wiki page: Conarium was originally announced as “Mountains of Madness” in 2015.

And in comparison, this has more of an TSW/SWL vibe than MoM - yet the two are not linked to each other in any way, not even by company or bees and only one is linked to SWL.

While i haven’t bee grabbed mentally by anything with MoM - I have with Conarium. The first person POV aspect would be the only barrier, if it turns out it doesn’t give me motion sickness - i would most certainly play it. I would know within 2 mins of playing, and when it subsides after 6 hours passed out i would write about it.

If i really liked it, then i would do what i did with Manufactory A when it first came out - take Travel Sickness pills and keep playing lol

They say it’s a very Lore heavy game.

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Also my education on Lovecraft came entirely from TSW - i have heard of them before but had no idea the scale of the mythos. I still haven’t yet delved right into anything about their works or the myth.
I’m sure i will one day.

So each time i read something that has a Lovecraftian edge i always think of TSW, it’s part of now lol

When i read in the write up about Conarium that it was “inspired by the novella Mountans of Madness” and "drew inspiration from Lovecraft’s story “A Shadow out of Time” . lol

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I played Conarium. It was good and interesting till point when I needed to play hide and seek and run with mobs to get further and that was an end of game for me. I am not good with this so I stopped. And engine of ‘walking simulator’ didn’t help either. Looking at reviews I was not the only one disgusted with such design so be careful if you decide to spend money on it.

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There is part of game where you need to get through some caverns with mobs and to do that you need to eehh… faceaggro one of it, then run away, run around and get behind it and through cavern. At least according to video walkthrough I watched. All that with other mobs around. I am very bad with such elements in games, didn’t expect it and stopped after several tries.