Connection failed to server 1518

Downloaded this game today, was playing on server 1518 for 4-5 hours. logged off for dinner and now my connection fails when trying to join. why is this happening?

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Made an account on here just to say this. This has been happening every single day on 1518 for the past few days, and there have been random crashes at inopportune times as well. This is unacceptable, please fix the problem!

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I dont get it. i am very disappointed with this game so far. it says there are 30/40 playing on the server so why me?

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I feel your pain–I’ve only started playing a few days ago. It’s a good game but the server issues need to be addressed ASAP.

There are a number of threads full of people saying 1518 has problems and it still has not been fixed… Most of them are right on the first page too. I don’t get how this game can be considered a stable-release.

yeah i saw the post you replied to. i dont get it. looks like im going back to rust.

You can be at ease that you are not alone and the 30/40 is false (currently 39/40 on #1940) and the server is down until morning. Not that it should bring you any comfort… still can’t play today.

yeah i thought it was just me but reading all these posts show different.

1518 has been like this for over a week unfortunately. We get zero support from reporting the outage here - - and/or reporting here in the forums.

Not trying to be a downer and discourage you - but its the truth. Check the forums. I am a fellow 1518 player with a clan of 3 and its disappointing to say the least.

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