Connectivity issues after FLS update - Feedback thread

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Dear Funcom fraudsters.

For more than 6 months there is no way to enter the purchased game. Get the money back!!!

Support is silent and does not comment on this situation. Get the money back!!!

Why is the group moderator collecting information from players, and not the support service in which we all wrote? Get the money back!!!

I bought almost all the additions to this game. Get the money back!!!

This game is not early access where you covered yourself with an elementary banner when entering the game and everyone understood that
the game could have certain problems with servers and with the game. Get the money back!!!

The game is in release and is currently being sold. You’re cheating on your customers. Get the money back!!!

Not respected Funcom, fraudsters. Get the money back!!!

Hey there,

We unfortunately don’t handle refunds. Should you wish to proceed with a reimbursement, please get in touch with the storefront you acquired the game should your situation qualify for it.
Apologies for the inconvenience.


You know the situation very well… And you know that no store will return money because it’s not their problem. I am fed up with your empty promises, in 6 months you can make a new game… You don’t care about the problem. You act like fraudsters and not as an adequate company who care about the fate of customers who face a problem because of your illiterate actions…

Not dear Funcom, scammers. Get the money back!!!

Months and the answer still is we do not unfortunately hand refunds and sorry for the inconvenience. Really Ignasis, that’s it , sorry for the inconvenience that your players can not play your game for months that they brought that worked before you updated it??? That is all your customers get. WOW months and still that is up, I sometimes wonder what you all work on , sure Dune but you still have to sell that game to us and at this rate no one will trust funcom to have a playable game even for some.

I am lucky I do not have this issue but wow can feel for all the players you are blowing off with your sorry for you inconvenience after months of not being able to be played what they paid for. I have to say your customer service sucks dude.

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Someone recommended since it’s potentially a battleeye issue (seeing as now also I get battle eye error messages even for servers that do not run it), someone suggested I uninstall - completely delete the battle eye files, restart the computer, use verify files to reinstall, restart again, and… Drumroll, please!

NADA! If anything seems to be running worse… As half the time it gives me a battle eye message that requires the game to be restarted, the other half the time, it tells me it just can’t connect and if I try to connect after it finally lets me in, which the latter is what it was doing before taking 15m-1hr to get me that can’t connect message. Running on windows 10. Can someone PLEASE just tell me what to do to get this working?

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I believe I stated earlier that even clean-slating the OS didn’t have any improvement.

And we have another testlive going, and still no word from anyone if this issue is even being considered.

All we have is this response.

Update 2.1 will be released live this week unless any major issues are found during this testing period.
Thanks for letting us know your connectivity issues were fixed on that branch.
Those of you still suffering from these connectivity issues, could you let us know if you’re experiencing the same problems on Testlive?
Hey there,

Quick update again: We’ll incorporate the latest BattlEye update with an incoming Testlive patch. Those of you affected by the connectivity issues, please give it a go once it’s available to see if your issue is resolved. This way we can start isolating cases that were not covered by this issue.

However these fixes were never mentioned in any of the updates, and if anything the issue has actually worsened. It is now affecting more systems than it did previously.

Either drop FLS, or fix it. You guys need to do this before you work on adding more broken patches.

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In testing with the current Testlive version, it appears to be slightly better, but is still a major issue. We have yet to hear of any real recognition of this problem, and it is not mentioned at all in any of the patch notes. I have repeatedly requested information, only to be met with total silence.

It is apparent that Funcom would rather ignore the issue. Which is probably a directive being pushed down by Tenecent. (Again Ignasis I said “probably”. Don’t convolute my words again. Facts are speaking louder than your attempt to hush them. You might want to take a reality check before you quote me again. Also, don’t bother unless you’re planning on providing actual information. The empty information is getting really old. I can understand you might not know the answer, or might not be able to say anything. I work closely with a few different developers, and am familiar with this dance. It would be refreshing if Funcom actually decided to take ownership of the issue though, and give us some hope that they actually give a shill about players.)

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