Conq Carnage feat - Annihilate not working on some combos

I have fully feated Annihilate but my feint attack 9 / besiege combo finishers are not always guarantees a critical strike. I think there is problems on this feat, especially on upgraded combo/AA combo.

For it to work you have to stop half a second after the previous finisher to activate the ability then wait another half a second and start the combo you want to crit with. If you use the ability as you start the combo it won’t work.

I tested it quite many times like this:
pop Annihilate > wait 1or 2 sec > start FA9/besiege > finishers > fail to crit…easy to recreate this bug…
probably some bugs in it, it should work even you pop it right before finishers but it doesn’t.

You’re meant to get the buff, you do your combo finisher, buff gets consumed as your combo crits, any deviation from that and it’s broken.

I don’t know why you’re bothering with it to begin with, it’s a truly terrible feat, working as intended or not.

Update a bit, I think this bug happens on pvp player target mostly. Tested in arena like 100 times with Annihilate+Feint Attack 9. Critical chance=0%, so I think something even overriding my basic 20% critical rating when I pop Annihilate. Please look into it, such a nice pvp feat.

I’d bet that if you have dancing steel on and someone hits you, then dancing steel procs with the crit you want on your combo.