On-Crit Effects failing to activate

This bug is quite rare and I have no way to reproduce it. Also, I’m not sure if it’s all on-crit effects failing to trigger or just cruel-delight. The only way I know for certain that it’s happened is that the parse will show an entire occult wave with criticals happening and yet zero heals for my dps characters (their only source of healing is cruel-delight, which triggers on criticals).

I suspect the energy gain from cold-dice is also not triggering, but don’t have any evidence. Energy gains from criticals and dice don’t show up in the parse. I’ve only noticed this recently – perhaps 2-3 times in the past couple weeks. Twice for certain, maybe also on my hamcha character, but he has other heal sources; so, it’s harder to tell that’s the problem.

The condition persists across zonings (out and back in again to occult).

Work-around: full log out (exit client) and log back in; (nb. /reloadui doesn’t help).

Next time this comes up, I’ll try relogging just to character-select screen to see if that’s enough, but it’s quite rare – once a week rare.

EDIT: just happened again and relog via char-select fixed it. The interesting part about this time is that it happened on initial log-in after a CF-crash. Crashed on CF cast – the usual thing that’s been reported since 2017. Logged back in. Entered occult. Hmm, dying. Ya, crits showing, but no heals. Parse shows same. Relog via character select. Entered occult. All good again.

This was a known thing a while back, actually.

Many talisman, signet, and weapon procs were being disabled whenever you changed zone and you had to unequip and reequip that slot every time you zoned in order to fix it. I believe this was fixed. It may or may not be related to what you describe, but it sounds very similar.

Also, crashing and relogging before your character leaves the game world seems to have some negative impacts. Notably, if you’re using Shotgun main hand you can get stuck unable to reload shells. You can spend whatever you have, but you can’t reload. Each reload option on your bar will be greyed. Another side effect is that gadgets will quite often (but not at a 100% rate) refuse to activate. No cooldown, no effect. Nothing happens. You have to unequip/reequip to fix this. It could be that other effects are disabled upon crashing and relogging. I’ll have to keep more of an eye on this in the future.

Actually, I can now reproduce it. I’m sure this isn’t the only way to trigger it, but it happened twice now via the same method:

  • crash to CF-bug (happens often, easy to replicate)
  • die during the crash (so you come back dead in Agartha)
  • queue occult while dead, enter while dead
  • release and revive inside
  • start occult, notice on-crit isn’t working

This time, releasing, letting occult end naturally in a failure, and reentering occult fixed the problem.